Checkmate in 10 (Fried Liver Chess Opening Trap)


  1. The Traxler opening will destroy the fried liver attack

  2. What if they block the Queen's first check by their queen instead of moving the king to knight's place ?

  3. After the queen check, you can play Ke5 to stop this mate. I have a 84% win rate on that line

  4. but everyone goes knight a5. this is propaganda

  5. no one talking about the music fits the video?

  6. What if he doesn't take with the knight instead pawn to b5

  7. There is a counterpaly which will literally destroy u.

  8. You need to make 5. … Na4, what is realy unexpected but works

  9. Against fried liver my knight attacks the bishop leaving the pawn. That solves it to a degree.

  10. crazy how a counter attack also has a M10 if the right sequence

  11. If the king does not play g8 ang goes to e8 still take the knight and next move move your queen to f7. Lets hope it does not fail though

  12. Who on earth would put their king right into a pin?

  13. I like the fried chicken 🍗 attack better

  14. Good thing he was dumb enough to move his king to g8.

  15. traxrels counter attack laughing in the corner 💀

  16. Suprised that I played almost the same exact combination last night but it went like this in the beginning:
    1. e4 e5, 2. Nf3 Nf6, 3. Bc4 Nc6 ……

  17. Hah i think this move is not gonna win

  18. The king could return to e8 and you had lose a knight

  19. The King will never go there an if that come so then is that nich better to be safe and play bishop e5?

  20. Ever since i learned fried liver from gotham I expected them to play those moves bit they never did,they play traxler or something else😢

  21. This play requires the king to move to g8 though, which is a terrible move. And they have many more options.

  22. If only king on G8 what if king doesn’t move there? 🤣😊

  23. Someone made this video after they mated their 4 year old in 10 thinking they were Bobby Fischer. Should have named it the fried brain trap

  24. After Ng5 we play, N takes E4.
    Because if now white n takes f7 we play queen h4 and something is wrong with white.
    And that n take E4 if white n take E4 we play pawn to d5 forking bishop and knight.

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