CHECKMATE in 6 Bird’s Opening Chess trap #shorts


  1. Ohh whattt,someone did this to me, I was like how is he gonna checkmate without queen, it cant be a trap then get checkmated 😭

  2. Yeah but there is no backup plan. If they defend it correctly you’re at a disadvantage and don’t have a good position.

  3. I did a four move version of this in which we did the book moves for the first three, but then I directly attacked with my queen diagonal to his king, and then he moved his pawn on b2 and so I moved my bishop in front of my king and when he took my queen with his pawn I won

  4. every day no one can defeat me because i do at 3 moves 😒

  5. Imma need this for my battle in chess in feb 6

  6. First mive if urs is goid giving a free pawn but then u could move queen to h4-

  7. Why would they expose their king like that first move

  8. Who in there right mind will start with f4

  9. If he doesn't open with F4, i suggest u press Alt+F4 before u humiliate yourself.

  10. The first few moves just happened and I was so excited I blundered my queen

  11. Nobody plays f4, and even if they do they’ll probably already expect something like this, and be on defense and ready for it

  12. Friend: haha you lost your queen
    how sad😂😂😂
    oh wait

  13. when he plays f4 and u play e4 move ur queen to h4 = checkmate 💀

  14. step 1: find someone who plays the birds opening

  15. I always transfer to King's Gambit if my opponent try it lol

  16. Before I found this video I did this exact same thing to someone in an 800 elo match

  17. is anyone will play that you can just checkmate in 2. theres no need for that queen sacrifice unless you just want views for people who believe this cap trap.

  18. When the opponent dosent go f4:
    “hehe I go this… FU-“

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