CHECKMATE in 6 Bird’s Opening Chess trap #shorts


  1. I know one move the your f7 pawn up once or twice they move their c2 pawn move the queen to a4 then checkmate

  2. and reload it because you HAVE to know this

  3. When bishop takes the pawn on d 6 why would the enemy go to g3 with the pawn I don't get it

  4. I actually think that he could do a checkmate in just two moves 🤖

  5. This is a once in a lifetime game. Almost nobody would play g3 in that scenario

  6. This only works if they never push their central pawns which is very unlikely

  7. Works everytime when u play with urself👍👍

  8. This checkmate is funny we do that in 2 moves with bishop

  9. ok now find someone who plays bird opening

  10. After they play e4 you can checkmate them with Qh4

  11. "Now he sacrifices… THE QUEEEEEEN!!!!!"
    – Levy

  12. the thing is, they’re most likely not gonna move that pawn and then they win material

  13. looks fancy but take with bishop and not so fancy of a check mate.

  14. This the smoothest explanation i understand its words is very plain

  15. This is so good but almost no one starts with f4

  16. As a birds opening player I find people always attempting this against me and always losing there queen.

  17. Bruh this is just a glorified Fool’s mate.

  18. Me: ok
    My opponent: ffffffffffffff
    Me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    My opponent: SIKE e4
    Me: oh e5

  19. Why not straight to h5 will queen on 4th

  20. Ah, the classic Botez Gambit, Rosen variation

  21. Cut that pawn with bishop instead of Queen, same will happen, only your queen will be saved.

  22. Dont say nobody does that its a popular opening not popular in low elo

  23. Nobody opens F4. I can't remember the last time I saw that.

  24. If i gambit two pawns for this trap….then he will open "F2" instead for b2…💀💀💀

  25. You start a game of chess and have this all planned out but then they don't play F4 or any of the other moves

  26. F4 also can be played by the opponent and all other subsequent moves but y anyone play g3 simply..he will bring out his night..then all go wrong…same thing happened in my game…after watching this trap..I tried the same

  27. He : it starts with f4
    Me : who tf plays f4 !!!

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