CHECKMATE in 6 (Latvian Gambit)

How to get a 6 move checkmate in a chess game with the Latvian Gambit
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  1. 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘋𝘢𝘪𝘭𝘺 𝘌𝘳𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘵𝘦 says:

    King to e2

  2. If they do pawn move you win the knight so it’s even

  3. The opponent – Thinks 10 minutes in a 10 minute game . Now I win
    That's called the time gambit .

  4. Bc5 and then White replies d4 or Qh5+ and things look devastating for Black…
    Edit: actually Qh5 does not work, as after Qh5+ g6 Nxg6 black has Nf6 and white looses…

  5. What if my opponent knows how to play Chess?

  6. “Here’s the moves it starts with” type of guy eh?

  7. Why not move the g7 pawn instead of moving the king

  8. You could literally move your g2 pawn up one tile and completely counter this 😭

  9. Lol white plays queen to h5 and you’re done.

  10. King G1 is only played by people in Ohio…

  11. Im less then a beginner and even i see that is the dumbest spot to put your king on

  12. "Here they think the king is safe"

    Me: do they really tho

  13. I placed nc3 after his second pawn move and he thought for like a minute and then proceeded to loose the game in 9 moves

  14. Why the ***£ not pushing the pawn in front of the king, like any normal person would do…?!

  15. And what if white plays g3 instead of Kg1?

  16. What is the king doesn’t play g1 though???

  17. Counter: if you've been checked move to e1, if the queen move to e4 forking your king and knight, move your queen to e3 to block the check and protect your knight

  18. So unrealistic, no one will ever move the king around like that. Soldiers will be used to counter both the bishop and queen. No wonder it's the first gambit you ever learned, because no one over the age of 5 will over play like this !!

  19. Or they dont move there and youre down a bishop and a pawn

  20. Someone who has the gist of chess probably take two looks before doing anything…

  21. the first gambit I ever learned was the Fool's Mate

  22. Man white gotta be some special type of r-word to play that last move

  23. if they block with the pawn then queen to f4 check and then take the knight to make the game somewhat even

  24. Pero ese movimiento del rey es muy malo no era mejor defender con el peon

  25. Anyone would use the pawn to threaten the queen

  26. when you play bishop c5 he can give check with queen on h5 and if you block with pon he can capture with knight because your rook is on pin..nobody play that line that you showed us

  27. Just your friendly neighborhood ender dragon says:

    Even a 150 elo would play pawn b6

  28. Who in the right mind goes there with their king
    That has got to be the worst move I've ever seen

  29. I’ve been countering this Gambit without even knowing it existed, that’s how bad it is.

  30. Doesn’t move to g1 and now your down a bunch of pieces 🥲

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