Checkmate your opponent in 9 moves! #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chessclub #mccpvlog

Checkmate your opponent in 9 moves! #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chessclub #mccpvlog


  1. Первий раз ; думает или вода петь

  2. Слона даром отдаль бестольковий

  3. Scripted .. in his all videos he doesn’t show opponent… and in every game before last move he drinks water 😂😂😂😂

  4. Its totally scripted… The opponent is so dumb .. 😏😏😏

  5. Beginner players..wearing sea games tshirt,but there no name him in list. Pity this guy..fake channel, don't subscribe!

  6. Ultimate sir ji waah waah waah
    And your expression superb se bhi uparrrrr

  7. Dont think what he is playing thin what is is his next move

  8. I generally dont like chess game videos. Became fan of your expressions man at the opponent's wrong move. Repeating the loop.

  9. Me come on play rook take ,the dumbass white nx blundering checkmate☠️,sry for the term but the lvl of his oppoment is terrible maybe lower than 400 now

  10. He played with very low rated player
    Play with master

  11. Try to play with same level boi not newbies.. and well see if you can drink your mineral water heheheeh

  12. Saya yg lihat sekilas. Kalu mau makan paki benteng kali. Tpi ttp akan kalah dgn kekuatan kuda dan perdana yg dimiliki olh si hitam.
    Kesalahannya ada pada langkah gajah/bishop. Kalau saya akan majukan pion satu langkah utk memblokir jln gajah hitam masuk

  13. He just played with beginners 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Lawannya yang bodoh… Ini di buat hanya untuk konten. 😂😂😂

  15. He replays so many famous games even from Bobby Fisher and no one recognise it😂😂😂

  16. staged ofc . even 1000 elo won’t make that mistake

  17. Kbnyakan gaya…lawanya elo 1000 kebawah itu

  18. ok so they have to play f4 to do this man that's rare

  19. Откуда привычка пить взялось?

  20. Pathetic 😅 He needs to play some of his own games.

  21. Who hate his reactions when the opponent plays a wrong move 😤

  22. bishop d6 is a big mistake. should have played qheen d4

  23. Hahaha it's obvious this is a pazzle game for views only the opponent moves in a nonesence way.

  24. Qd4 and not Bd6. Is ridiculous and scripted

  25. minum adalah hal yang wajib bagi si bapak satu ini

  26. Play with Grandmaster and show these attitude

  27. boss pakita mo naman mga nakakalaban mo para makita namen yung mga ginagawa mong bobo😂😂

  28. How to blunder the knight on e5 and instead of winning with Qd4, play for a cheap trick that leads to equality instead:

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