Chess is EASY | Legendary Openings 10

Easy Peasy!


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  1. hikaru right now there is an election in turkey i am depressed i am watching you

  2. Not sure if HIKARUNAKAMURA reads the comments, but just wondering: are you one of the strongest chess players because you studied / devoted more than others or is it only natural talent (in addition to tremendous effort) which can take you to those extreme ends of the tail?

  3. Bro imagine playing blitz at 3am and you find Hikaru but with his secondary account

  4. I watched on Coffeehouse Chess Hikaru win with his back to the board. He won. Has he spoken of this somewhere? How does he keep track?

    I want to see him and Magnus play with their backs to the board.

  5. Sadly its not.
    Do you agree, 100 elo players

  6. the song playing around 24:20 anybody please ? it's 3rd time trying to find out xD

  7. bro is destroyin average 1200 elo players …

  8. Everyone always enjoys another Hikaru Video! DEVELOPERS: Since Hikaru discusses a lot of timely current events, one additional thing that would help a lot for those of us who view these later would be to ADD THE DATE OF THE ORIGINAL, LIVE BROADCAST, and always put it in the same place! Nakamura produces so much original content, sometimes the More Hikaru contains duplicates or combinations of earlier videos, which is fine, but I sometimes know that I have seen something before. Also, with so much going on in the world of Chess and Finance, it would help for us YouTube Consumers to know the date of the original broadcast. – j q t –

  9. 15:55 Hikaru, you should revisit now that the pitch clock is in play. It's much more bearable to watch on a regular basis.

  10. The thumbnails for Hikaru's videos never disappoint

  11. Chess is easy. Winning official titles and prices is what's hard.

  12. 5:50 hikaeu is so powerful now that he plans to white pawn to f3
    Not even chatgpt is capable of such a feat xD

  13. Needed This😤 Time to DOMINATE in the 900s 😂

  14. Hikaru but he plays good openings seems little redundant for a speed run.

  15. Every time someone comments on hikaru not being humble he always responds with "what do you mean?" or "what are you talking about?" then immediately drops it lol

  16. Should i learn these legendary openings or should i make my own openings?.

  17. I’am disapointed. The botez gambit speedrun is my favorite chess content of all time and he doesn’t even remember that his grand finale was him reaching 2500.

  18. Rangers are gonna win the Stanley Cup 😂🤣😂 yea right. I hope you saved your money Naka

  19. Checkmate, no good, thats not how you play chess 😅😅😅😅

  20. I think Pia Cramling was rated highest women for a brief period, maybe 1984. Maybe Judit Polgar took over.

  21. what is the link of Hikaru sacrificing the queen in speed run?

  22. Since you mentioned upgrades please play League of Legends

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