Chess Masterclass: 5 Step Thinking Strategy | Best Tips, Tactics, Moves & Ideas for Beginners

Here’s a Masterclass on Chess Thinking. In this video, I will share with you a 5 step thinking strategy to improve your chess game. We cover problems with different tactics, ideas & moves helpful for beginners, kids & intermediate level players. These secret chess tips will help you get better at chess & improve your game very fast. These lessons will help you in understanding how to play chess & how to think in chess, which will ultimately teach you how to win in chess games. This will help you in training for middlegames & master chess calculations. Chess players will learn the best ways to find good moves quickly through the SWOT Analysis approach. We will evaluate your moves depending on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of white & black in different games. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. I recommend this so much this is better than me watching billions of Gotham chess videos that I can't even learn anything thank you bro now I am gonna use this technique to try and win

  2. Puzzle answer– Bishop take bishop first it forks King and queen then we take queen and we are piece up

  3. sacrifice the queen by putting it on d6 if he captures discovered check by capturing bishop on c3 with you bishop then you capture his queen.

  4. I won the next game after your video Against computer level II 😂

  5. I think e2 to e3 has many possible escapes

  6. I guess the best move might be pawn e4 since there is a possibility of chessmate

  7. In the start if you went pawn on d1 to d2 you can move the bishop c1 to g5, if they move the horse you get the queen if they don’t you get a horse

  8. Day one of my chess journey I'll recomment after i become good and I'll come back to this video to picture this video in my head

  9. pedone c5 così hai controllo su b6 e d6, prossimo turno regina d6, scacco e gli mangi la torre in b8 con la diagonale

  10. We will take Bc3, the black captures. We will block with rook every time the queen wil check from c3, a1 or c1. This will help in preparing a defence for white queen which we will move to d7 in next chance

  11. The answer is Qd6 then black king capture the queen bc3 then check the black queen is dead

  12. Answer for puzzle:
    qd6 check,
    If king takes queen
    Then bishop takes bishop
    Discovered check on king and queen is hanging
    Overall after the exchange you are up a bishop

  13. bishop D2 to D3 capturing opponents bishop….is this the best move at this position?

  14. Qd6+!! if Kxd6, then Lxc3+ and you win the bishop and get the queen back! If black move the king – then Qxb8!

  15. Best move according to me shall be (qween to d6 king will obviously take it )
    (After that bishop to c3 it will be a check from rook and our bishop will be attcking tha qween as well)

  16. Please I'm a beginner but I think bishop to g5 is the best move for white, since that'll be a check and no matter what direction black king moves, he'll still be in check

  17. 1.QC6CHECK

  18. First, move your bishop to g5 from d2 and then our next move should be moving the elephant from d1 to d8 and you will win

  19. Such a great advice it boost me from 800 to 1400

  20. But when time running down then my thinking just lost

  21. i think queen to c 7. that would take him to a soft checkmate? im new to this idk if thats a term lol but if he moved you could easily get your queen to a safe check tile

  22. Your chess playing is very thoughtful and intellectual but you know right that for playing chess we get three minutes to play so how can we think about soo much?

  23. Rook on left hand side as it can make a bishop a trap if queen takes it ill reply with bishop capturing queen

  24. I always wanted this kind of tutorial…thank you..nice video…

  25. Best move for the white is d5 checkmate
    If it is right please let me know

  26. 1.Qd6+ Ke8 (1.Qd6+ Kxd6 2. Bxc3+ Ke8 3. Bxa5) 2. Qxb8 white is winning.

  27. QD5 i think better move , please reply me for my suggestion

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