Chess Opening: Caro Kann Defense | Strategy and Traps

Chess Opening: Caro Kann Defense | Strategy and Traps


  1. By far the best explanation, finally strategy that makes sense, rather than just learning an opening because it has a cool name. No, seriously you have something refreshing with your approach and I will make the effort to look at what else you have for instruction. Excellent on the defences against whites attempt to break the Kings pawn structure and the threat of whites king knight advancing into no mans land and creating havoc with the supporting queen. So much information that you convert into knowledge for the benefit of many like myself. Many thanks!

  2. Very instructive video. Covering all the different ideas for white and black in the e4 push by white. I genrally play e4 c6 Nc3 d5 exd5 when I counter caro-kann. I will try this the next time.

  3. Thanks for sharing the carokann opening and very good explanations of ideas.

  4. Thank you Kestony for this great insight into my main defence against e4. I have thoroughly enjoyed your presentation style and clear thoughts on the main ideas. I believe you have covered the most common lines you will be facing as a Caro Kann player! Whenever you get back to this opening you might want to cover the Hillbilly attack (a line successfully played by Carlsen with white) and the Two Knights Attack (recommended by Christof Sielecki in his wonderful book "Keep it simple: 1.e4")

  5. Great video, I like your explanations and analysis style. What is your FIDE Rating?

  6. Thanks alot, I remember when I first started learning this opening, I lost every game. Even from lower rating players. Until lately I got better at it. But still didn't know how to play after advanced variation. Your video today help me alot to be more confident and I won my first game

  7. Hi kestony please help me to win in master level in any chess app

  8. Excellent presentation with nice explanation. Thanks

  9. Loved it man amazing video and great analysis

  10. Coach Kestony thanks for the knowledge of the Caro kann in Black # can I request video for white playing Caro kann please sir it's really interesting thanks and more lecture GOD BLESS TO YOUR CHANNEL

  11. I never leave comments on YouTube, this is my 2nd or 3rd maybe, but you deserved a praise! 👍🏾 Your voice and accent are naturaly super funny 😄 and way you explained caro kann variations is excellent. Judging by this video I believe you are awesome coach! 💪🏾 Wish you all the best man, keep up with the good work! 👏🏾🥇

  12. Thank you for this im thinking of telling ny dad about you

  13. Hi from future, u forgot about telling that the b7 pawn is very tricky, many times queen captures it, and its captured

  14. Im currently trying to master the caro kann as black and the scotch as white. Last night I tried the bishop to the safe space h6 and it was like having a assassin waiting there. Very good thanks! Im trying to see videos everyday at different times of the day of the same openings to master them 🙂 Im currently 838 and on the rise 😀

  15. Sounds good, and I have a better understanding of this defence now in general which is important, so I subscribed to yer coaching tactics, Coach Kestony. Cheers.

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