Chess Opening for Black (Goring Gambit)

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  1. Hi Gunjan.
    Thank You for your videos, which made me so much fun. I look every day for news from You.
    Regards from Germany

  2. Hey gunjan…ypur videos are very helpful and encouraging…can you plz make a vdo..against the scholer's mate..? Thnks:)

  3. Thanks Gunjan, I 100% completely take all of Markus Fiedler's words.

    Regards from South Africa!

  4. Thank you for all the beautiful videos ..

    how i improve my skills in chess?!
    what are the names of the books that very useful in chess to use it as a reference?! what is the best chess books that must to have it and read it ?!

    i wish you could make a video to answer these questions ..

    a lot of people beat a crap of me on .. what i should to do?

    thanx a lot πŸ™‚

  5. Heyy gunjan! Thanks for all your cool videos! I love your voice and your style of videos, they make chess look so easy! All the best from Switzerland!

  6. very well prepared lecture GJ..enjoyable and instructive.

  7. Hey gunjan can u ur live games I mean like recording when u play online….it might be more exciting to watch ur games live. Anyways great videos of yours are making me think a lot and I have improved a lot from ur videos. Keep me up . Thank you:)

  8. I mean keep them up . Sorry for some small typing errors

  9. Thanks for the video. I thought youd never make ir, but luckily I checked!

  10. Love your videos, your picture looks like Neil Patrick Harris

  11. Even though the Goring gambit isn't common like you said, I still like the tactics you show to bust the opening if ever going against it. As with all the other videos, I'm very satisfied with the knowledge gained…thank you. I have also seen some rude comments about the narration & accent, but I understand you very well and think the accent gives you a professional sound to the video. Don't listen to the haters, you have very informative tactics and they are presented well and in-depth.

  12. Hi GJ! Is there Part 7 in the series? I don't seem to find one. Thanks a million Buddy!

  13. gj lets play chess. with 500 bucks .. πŸ™‚

  14. Nice video however this gambit can occur from different move order such as 1 e4 e5 2 d4 exd4 3 c3 and this time would you suggest d5??

  15. Play at Playok dot com and you see this all the time its a current rage.

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