Chess Opening Mistakes in the Queen’s Gambit [TRAPS Included]

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๐Ÿ”น Learn the Queen’s Gambit Chess Opening: TRAPS & Errors –
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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shows the most common chess opening mistakes in the Queen’s Gambit, which happens after the opening moves: 1.d4 d5 2.c4. Hundreds and thousands of chess players make these mistakes in this one of the most popular chess openings.

After watching this video lesson, not only will you learn to not make these mistakes yourself, but you will learn to punish your opponents for making these mistakes. You will also learn the strategical and tactical methods to punish these mistakes and get a winning advantage.

โ–บ Chapters

00:00 Common Chess Opening Mistakes in Queen’s Gambit
00:53 Mistake-1: Is Queen’s Gambit Accepted Bad? 2…dxc4
03:11 The game that shows the most common mistakes
07:19 Mistake-2: Black plays 2…Nf6
09:59 Mistake-3: Bb4 bishop pin on the knight
10:49 Mistake-4: Common tactics, Greek gift sacrifice
12:14 Mistake-5: Bg4 bishop pin on the knight
14:32 Can you find the winning move for White?

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  1. Good puzzle at the end. Bg5 seems winning. I can't find a way for black to save the piece. Very pretty

  2. What if black night goes to h6 to prevent your queen from checkmating?

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  4. Iโ€™m a big fan of your work and bought a few online courses. I have one inquiry sent to support for over a week but havenโ€™t got a feedback yet. Itโ€™s about Super Pack inquiry. Please have someone look into it. Thanks

  5. Knight C3 to E4, black takes knight, bishop takes knight check, queen takes bishop, knight takes queen, king takes knight, queen to D5 check, queen takes rook.

    If king moves to C7, then first check with bishop to F4, then pick up the rook, otherwise checkmate, forcing king back to D8. Thereโ€™s a couple other lines but I see that as most common to play.

    If there is a mate, Iโ€™m missing it but this is dominating regardless and black should resign.

    Also, you can also check king again and take either bishop or knight on E4, but thereโ€™s probably a mate somewhere that Iโ€™m not quite seeing since Iโ€™m like 13 moves deep in my head

  6. I think you have a great YouTube channel. I have learned a lot here. Keep it up. Greetings!

  7. Nxd5 is the winning . The threat of removing the d7 defender the Nxf6 which has no counter play with the white next move Bxd7 – check. If black Bxg4 , just take Nxf6-check , and Qxf7 mate is the threat.

  8. Very clever!! Thank you for the way to win!!

  9. White bishop to e2 , no escape for black bishop on h5.

  10. The solutuon I think will be g4. If bishop takes the pawn, we have mate with Qxf7. If Bishop goes back g5 and black loses his knight. Note that Nxg4 is not possible as Bxd7

  11. โ–บ Chapters

    00:00 Common Chess Opening Mistakes in Queen's Gambit

    00:53 Mistake-1: Is Queen's Gambit Accepted Bad? 2…dxc4

    03:11 The game that shows the most common mistakes

    07:19 Mistake-2: Black plays 2…Nf6

    09:59 Mistake-3: Bb4 bishop pin on the knight

    10:49 Mistake-4: Common tactics, Greek gift sacrifice

    12:14 Mistake-5: Bg4 bishop pin on the knight

    14:32 Can you find the winning move for White?

  12. Queen gambit is super tricky than I thought. Thank you sir

  13. Qxf7 and bishop takes and checkmate with Bxn7

  14. Nxe4 and g4 are both winning but I don't see a forced checkmate

  15. For the puzzle today:

    1. Nxd7 Nxd7 2. Qd5 doesn't work because of 2. Bg4 3. h3 Be6 and there is no win,


    1. Nxe4/Nd5 and black has no moves that prevent Nxf6 removing the defender of d7 square so either Bxd7 and Nxd7 is very winning on the next move (Note 1. Bg4 in response to 1. Nxe4/Nd5 fails to Nxf6, knight of d7 is pinned so black loses the bishop on g4 on the next move)

  16. In the marshal line after e4 nf6, I like to play Bd3 offering the pawn so I can take the black queen.

  17. Great Video, a video for the London system opening and ideas would be great.

  18. pawn to g4 forces the Bishop to retreat, followed by pawn to g5… presuuring the knight at f6

  19. 2 methods using the same strategy but with different path work. But both require a follow up move that actually wins and nobody so far has mentioned that follow thru move.

    1.Nxe4 removes the knight defender on e6 in a straight forward way …Nxe4 by black. Then2. Bxd7+ Qxd7, 3. Nxd7 Kxd7 and now white has lost 3 pieces for the Queen, not a clear win without the follow up of 4. Qd5+ forking the rook bishop and knight and white wins.

    1.g4 chases the black white Bishop to g6 (if f6 knight takes instead see line above cuz similar but not exact) 2. g5 chasing the knight away again see above line to finish off Black This method just requires an additional move

  20. I think the solution to the puzzle has to be knight to d5. black knight cannot tak otherwise queen takes on d5 and checkmate is unavoidable. So e6 has to be played by black. But that weakens the f6 square so we take the knight on f6. Black recapture either with the queen or the g pawn. Lets say black takes with the pawn, then we take on d7 wiht our other knight threatening all sorts of nasty discoveries so black has to give his queen. If he doesnot and plays king e7 we checkmate him by playing queen a3 or b4, the king goes back to e8 and finally knight takes on f6 with a discoverd checkmate.
    If black take with the queen on f6 we take on d7 attacking the quee and when she moves we take on b6 discovered check to the king and after black reacts we take the rook a8.

  21. 1. g4 attacking Bishop – if …Bxg4, then mate on f7 – if …Nxg4, then 2. Bxd7 winning Black's Queen – so it's 1…Bg6, but…
    2. g5! attacking Knight – again, if the Knight moves, 3. Bxd7 winning the Queen, so 2 …e6 (allowing e7 for the King) and 3. gxf6.

  22. Puzzle: I see so many ways to win, it's quite amazing. Nxe4, Nd5, Bg5, g4… even Qa4 looks winning.

  23. g4 If the bishop takes it is checkmate with the Queen on f7. If the night takes, Bishop takes onf7 and the Queen has to take because it is checkmate and the night takes.

  24. What i do against queen's gambit players is I use the englund gambit with the follow up of 4.e3 that you taught me a while back, this completley throws them off their game and I win 90% of the time, thank you so much for that and all others amazing videos you put up you increased my rating by 450 points and ongoing

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