Chess Opening Mistakes in the Ruy Lopez [TRAPS Included]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the most common chess opening mistakes or blunders in the Ruy Lopez which happens after the first moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5. You will learn how to punish Black’s mistakes in both the popular variations, 3…Nf6 which is the Berlin Defense, and 3…a6 which is the classical approach.

You will learn some really cool traps in these variations that give a strong, checkmating attack for White against the Black’s king. In fact, in one of the variations the most played moves by Black gives White a success rate of more than 74%, that’s huge!

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Opening Mistakes in Ruy Lopez
00:39 3…Nf6 Berlin Defense
02:03 White’s deadly traps for the win
06:07 If Black defends the knight with f6
08:58 Black’s correct response
12:00 If Black defends the mating attack
13:23 3…a6 Morphy Defense
15:49 Stats: 74% Win Rate for White

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  1. after watching your video's i'd like to just hoping and play chess

  2. I now understand why the nazis lost WWII, all this Berlin defense deep sh!t!

  3. I learned so much from this channel. Thank you a lot. I really appreciate!

  4. I call this the sleeping cat variation. 😉

  5. Been looking for a good resource video on the Ruy, thanks

  6. I was a bit confused, but then realized that the Ruy Lopez is played by Black, not White…

  7. Out of topic, but I love the way your cat is just there.

  8. I don't know what rating this is for but I have never encountered the variation of moves with knights in this video.

  9. you are you arrrrr blow my mind enough that I have to keep my neuron

  10. thank u grandmaster igor my eyes can believe what i am seeing. chess is not for the timid that for show.

  11. really good as i always end up taking the knight when i play the ruy. i like doubling up pawns then attacking them later

  12. Grand Master: "You don't need to memorise any of this, just sorta get a feel of what to do" ok buddy.

  13. I love these videos — even though they make me feel really dumb knowing I would never have thought of any of these moves on my own.

  14. What to do when they develop the king side knight on their first move attacking your center pawn before you can get into a castled position?

  15. I never fell into that trap because i always back my knight to f6

  16. Not risking the defense of the King. As it will leave openings. There is a simple way to say it this way. There are times to be aggressive and a time for defensive actions that even goes into retreats as you cannot afford it or it will lead into a bad situation in which things are more exposed.

  17. This is great but unfortunately black never takes the e4 pawn in my elo

  18. Love the video friend, quick question. Why not Qe2 at 4:25?

  19. I think I just hit the 10.000 like – wtf! Well deserved and thanks for the lessons!

  20. This is why I love playing chess there are many tricks and you can be creative in many ways

  21. I watch many of your videos and they all seem to have the same problem – you incorrectly state your opponent can only make one move. As in this video at the 7:07-minute mark. I quote you, " … therefore the king has to move". The truth is that the king does not have to move. Black could move either his bishop or his queen to block the check.

  22. I'm a Chess player from the Philippines. Ruy Lopez is my first opening I learned and used to play during my highschool days 💖

  23. in the ray lopez opening when the bishop attacks the white knight white moves the pawn and attacks the white bishop

  24. друже имаш много пропуски

  25. I’m new to chess but at min 11:42 looks like move 13 you say it’s checkmate no matter what black player does. what if black moves bishop to h4. I can only get a draw to occur. Thx love your videos.

  26. he sacraficed…. THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 11:41 if black plays bishop h4 then how are you delivering a checkmate? Eventually you will still end up in a winning position cause you get a queen and a bishop for a rook after all the trades are done right? Is there something I can't see?

  28. That animation for kicking the knight at 1:47 cracked me up so much

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