Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN More Games: Tennison Gambit: Secret Traps, Moves, Strategy & Ideas

Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess tricks, traps, strategies, tactics, ideas, gambits & opening moves that you can use to fool your opponent & win more chess games. In this video, I share with you 4 secret opening tricks that white can use to trap the black queen. These opening tricks involve the use of knight, bishop, pawn & white queen. This trick is popularly known as the Tennison Gambit. A gambit is basically a chess opening strategy in which a player sacrifices his material of lesser value, like a pawn, with the hope of achieving an advantageous position. It’s like a chess trick to fool your opponent. The Tennison Gambit is a popular response to the Scandinavian Defense. These opening moves will definitely surprise your opponent. You just need to follow these starting moves & you can easily trap and capture the black queen or gain a strong material advantage. This chess opening trick will help you to win fast.

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  1. Sir,when I play chess. I forget all tips you give😂

  2. It is really very helpful video for me
    Thanks sir….❤❤❤❤

  3. Very good strategy but that’s predicting way too much, and anyone with experience in chess would predict your move. When you play your horse to g5 black moves queen to D5 and your whole plan goes down the shithole.

  4. Ye bich me English title dekar sab bekkar kar diye ।
    Kuch dikha hi nahi

  5. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better person at chess🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. to win fast play a complete moron- it works good

  7. Fact = Our opponent is also watching this video 😁

    Thanks me later…..

  8. What if in the beginning the opponent does not go with the pawn and gi with tge how we did

  9. What if player moves pawn h6 instead of playing knight f6??

  10. Bro thanks for showing this trick becauce i can play chess very well

  11. bhai 5 min 4 sec m queen cheek deg
    i nah sidhe yrr

  12. Mungkin menarik untuk dicoba, tetapi saya lebih suka mengandalkan strategi tradisional dalam permainan catur. Terima kasih atas berbagi informasinya!

  13. Nah, ada banyak cara buat menang dalam permainan catur. Tapi jangan lupa, ada yang namanya transparansi juga dalam bermain ya!

  14. Mungkin menarik untuk dicoba, tetapi percayalah bahwa kemenangan sejati datang dari strategi dan pemahaman mendalam tentang permainan catur secara keseluruhan. Tetaplah berlatih dengan keras dan jangan hanya mengandalkan trik- trik cepat ini. Good luck!

  15. If the queen on G2 takes the knight means bishop will retake and next what

  16. isn't the second variation the england gambit

  17. And what if in the start he plays knight to h6..?

  18. can you eat the chess peice that is checking you like a pown will kill you can you kill the pown

  19. Me….wondering y go yo such great extent for protecting a pawn. Explains y my rating is not going up

  20. I know I'm ruined when I heard him say "Pawn" like "Porn".'🤦‍♂️

  21. Fuckkkk i play check a while now, and I didn't see any of these tricks yet… good ones, thanks!!!

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