Chess Opening – Vienna Game

The Vienna Game is one of the most fundamentally sound openings in chess and gives an e4 player many different variations when black responds with e5. It doesn’t matter if you are aggressive or not, this opening might just be what you need to take your chess game to the next level. For those players familiar with the Kings Gambit, this opening will feel just like home as it has many variations that transpose into many Kings Gambit lines.

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  1. 14.54 can't black play bishop takes f2 check and after king takes just take the knight black would be in a much better position as the white king is in the open and can't castle

  2. kevin must have said aggresive a 20 times in the video

  3. I have a question. Alot of times when I play this opening against a computer for practice, it goes 1. e4, e6 2. Nc3, d5. and I run into SUCH a roadbump, because no matter what I do I either lose a pawn and have to move my knight after he plays d4, or don't loose a pawn but have to move my knight because he goes for d4 no matter one. What should I do? or when I see e6 should I just throw the vienna out the window for that game and play something else? I tried d4 after d5, and its ok but scary.

  4. @eoin u might against e6 play d4 immideately

  5. Hi, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for all this free accessible knoledge. I've seen practically all of your video's and I think they really really improved my game. I just miss a good video on how to play against the Ruy Lopez. Until today, I never play 1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 as black because getting in the Ruy Lopez is too dangerous. The Vienna game is also a very comfortable game for white and playing black I always avoid getting into it. Lately I'm opening with 1. Nc3, The Van Geet or Dunst opening, as white. A tricky move which gets almost always a psychological advantadge over black because most players are not prepared for it and oftenly they respond like chickens without heads.

  6. in the line: 1.e4-e5 2.Nc3-Nc6 3.Bc4-Bc5 (mirrored moves) 4.Qg4-Nd4! With good compensation for black imho. 5.Qxg7-Qf6  6.Qxf6-Nxf6  7.Bd3-Rg8  8.g3-b6  White must play very accurate moves to stay in the game.

  7. I have played the vienna. I go for 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4. I'm amazed how many play 3…exf 4.e5 Ng8!!. I also was playing the Veresov Attack recently. 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e6 0r d5, followed by 3.Bg5. I then figured, why not just play 1.Nc3?  If black replies 1…e5 then I paly 2.Nc3 and we're heading into the Vienna. If black plays 1…d5 then 2.Nc3 and we're heading towards the Veresov. Another option might be after 1.Nc3 e5 2.d4 into a kind of Center Game after 2…exd 3.Qxd4 Nc6 4.Qd3.

  8. I have discovered this opening thanks to this video. I have had a LOT of success with it. Much more success than standard Italian game. I find I get a lot of development and tend to do well. I guess is helps that opponents are not quite that used to it. I really recommend this opening

  9. I think I need to use a chess engine or something to learn more lines for playing this opening. This is now my standard opening for white, assuming of course that black does not play the sicillian

  10. At 14:58 black can play Bxf2+ Kxf2 Nxe5 and is fine. He is even better because White lost the right to castle!

  11. im more of a defensive player but idk why i really enjoy the kings gambet

  12. What about Nd4? @ 10:40 Nd4 from black threatening nxc2 with check and rook fork. Qxg7 from white isn't so scary because Qf6 from black and black saves his rook.

  13. my ratings increased with this opening 🙂

  14. Your channel covers lots of videos on chess topic, a nice consistency but the only down side is lot less information for the time you take. You could be bit fast. Its like I'm watching your videos on 0.5x speed, come on man talk fast.

  15. That was petroff three knight game instead of three knight game

  16. I won in 8 moves my first time using this opening lmao

  17. what does the queen to g4 do , like how does it help????

  18. It feels satisfying to be the 1000th Like on this video

  19. Why is it that whenever I play this opening it never goes like this 😫 usually my opponent plays a random pawn that has no effect to my pieces

  20. i allways do Vienna game opening with queen pawn opening so my queen will be free and my bishups can attack enemies king


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  22. Why should I be aggressive if I just play chess for fun ? because when I lose I actually didn`t lose anything when I win I actually didn`t win anything it`s all in the mind it makes absolutely no difference in my life !

  23. I know this video is rather old but if you're still there seeing these comments THANK YOU. These thechesswebsite tutorials are amazing. Easy to understand and straight to the point.

  24. I have gotten so many times to this position 5:14 and most players play d6 to try to get rid of the pawn but this is a major blunder and my favourite trap as then you go with knight to d5 and you almost automatically win the game. Put it in the stockfish analysis and it will give you +8.0 for white. My all time favourite trap that a ton of people fall into

  25. Hi! I love the videos and I was wondering if you could add the PGN in the description so we could paste it into a PGN reader so we could follow along when you play the moves

  26. "Definitely hard to cope with as a black player" did not expect that lmao

  27. I've been playing the Vienna(with very few gambits) for a few months and like it. Have watched this video several times. But a few days ago got 2.Nc3 c6(not Nc6)..then 3. Bc4Bc5. Cant do Qg4 and enter copycat because that c6 pawn stops Nd5. Have you seen this 2….c6? Can't find any mention of it anywhere as a viable option for black but I dont see the flaw in it, but I'm a 1200. Then had it played against me again today????

  28. I got to 2500 bullet chess with this opening, was stuck at 2400 for a long time. thanks for the tutorial!

  29. Highly recxomend the 1. E4 e5 2. NC3 nf6 3. Bc4 bc5 4. d3 d6 5. F5 ng5 6.f5 nf2 line, leads to some very dangerous and exciting lines whenever you can reach the position

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