Chess Opening – Vienna Game

The Vienna Game is one of the most fundamentally sound openings in chess and gives an e4 player many different variations when black responds with e5. It doesn’t matter if you are aggressive or not, this opening might just be what you need to take your chess game to the next level. For those players familiar with the Kings Gambit, this opening will feel just like home as it has many variations that transpose into many Kings Gambit lines.

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  1. gambit declined Qe2 and Qg4 are my favorite lines. insanely fun defensive anti sicilian

  2. 3 phases by black….2 knights or dark square bishop

  3. Jeff Schwartz 4 T.O. Council - Jeff4TO Dot Com says:

    10:22 – Nice opening described beginning here.

  4. Awesome new variation in my arsenal, and this video explaining it was awesome dude.

  5. 2. Nc3 is cunning If Black isn't aware. =) Nice. Keep it up please.

  6. Wow, looks great. It looks very passive at first look, but I'm impressed at the options that there are. Great stuff.

  7. This is my all time favorite opening. When I see two non-agressive players play this, white tends to be extremely well positioned with lots of protection. I find that if black plays aggressive with this open it will bring out a good game. But you are right, lots of options to look at.

  8. You know whats funny is that I have oftn made many of these exact moves without knowing it was called The Vienna Game haha.

  9. @TheFateArcher yes. me to and not just with the Vienna Game

  10. i'll try it in my next game 🙂
    then i'll tell you how it worked, thanks for the video Kevin

  11. @TheFateArcher lol you need to understand that "Vienna game" is just a label they assign to these series of moves. In reality it is just a trend of people who sat there and reasoned that these were logically sound moves to make. Over time the name was probably brought up and it stuck xD.

  12. @thechesswebsite in recent tournaments, I often tried to be aggressive but I often discovered that it is my opponent who ended up attacking in the middle game. pretty much when my opponent castles, I have no idea of how to attack. Can you give some good tips on how to be SAFELY aggressive?

  13. "Aye nother." I really lol'd at that pronunciation.

  14. I doubt that even a single opening is a force win for white. I really like your videos but is it possible that you could flip the board around to see how black sees the board – maybe even produce a line of counter play?

  15. man, i love your videos, and your way of explaining chess 🙂

  16. so is the vienna game for White or Black? It appears confusing that instead of black moving their knight to d4 why not capture the knight on e4 via pawn to equalize the loss?

  17. thanks i hated when i saw this opening as black now i feel much better

  18. hi Kevin this is Nitish From India. your videos are fantastic. i am learning a lot from you.

    I want to request you humbly if you don`t mind. Please please upload your exclusive videos ,which are on 10 DVDs set, on YouTube. Because everyone can not buy those DVDs. But still people want to learn.

    if you would be able to upload your exclusive videos on Youtube, Then it would be a kind of charity or social work. 🙂 everyone can not afford to buy these DVDs.

    you are doing nice work.

  19. What about the 3. g3 variation? It is a lot of fun to play!

  20. @ntsdr It means you playing something which is not quite visible to the opponent & you take advantage in the end by sacrificing a piece or two.

  21. kevin i'm playing the dutch defense and the stonewall variation but i think that the white bishop don't enter the game can you make a video about the leningrad variation? i will really appreciate it.

  22. 14:57 is a mistake, because black can play Bxf2 and only then take the knight.

  23. Hey, thanks a lot for these videos, Kevin. I'm really enjoying them.

  24. @ntsdr its giving up material in order to gain spacial, or developmental advantage, or if your looking to win the material back.

  25. Hey Kevin thanks for making your videos I really like them and subscribed.

  26. u never explain the not aggresive line well enough

  27. Thanks for making this video! I play the King's Gambit from time to time and having the Vienna Game as as an additional option seems like a good idea. I'll definitely try it out in a few games…

  28. The Vienna is a tricky opening! Some of the comments here prove that, since they'd be falling into traps:

    At 14:55 4…Bxf2? is weak: 5. Kxf2 Nxe5 6. d4 and White is better. White's king is in no danger – he will play Rf1 and Kg1, "castling by hand".

    At 2:35, 5…Qh4+? is bad. The trick is 6. g3 Nxg6 7. Nf3! Qh5 8. Nxd5! and it turns out Black's king is the one in trouble.

    Also, at 4:45, Nd5 is better if you wait for …d6: 6. Nf3 d6 7. Nd5! and if 7…Qd7 8. exd6+ Kd8 9. dxc7+!

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