Chess Openings : A system against the English Opening for black (

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Instructive game tags: Instructive game tags: Chess openings for black, chess openings tutorial. chess openings for beginners, chess opening names,early d5, accelerated d5, gruenfeld style, early Qa4+, bolt from the blue tactic, amazing forcing move, king in center, exploiting fianchettoed bishop, semi-open d-file Opening systems: A system against the English Opening – in particular an early liberating d5 by black, and then Qa4+ by White. Two illustrative games show the resources available to Black are very good.


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English breakfast

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  1. Thanks for your Video Series. Do you have any systems against the English with a Quick G3 and Bg2? Thanks again and awesome videos!!!

  2. The system you represent is very good, only watch out telling people they should transpose into the Gruenfeld. There are many diffucult lines, it's very very theorerical. I've played it myself, and it's an amazing opening, but you should really understand it to have dynamic chances.

  3. Thanks Kingscrusher for another great post. This one is very helpful indeed. Just gonna go & try it.

  4. By far the best chess video I've come across on youtube.

  5. thanks for showing the d5 move. i guess i will decline exchange on d5 and try the knight kf3 to e5

  6. wow KC, this is really among your best videos, the way you so clearly explain the ideas and use the two games as examples. awesome

  7. can this system defend against queen gambit ?

  8. this is muy good i shall have to play this a litle to get the hang of it,mucho thanx

  9. Please like this video if you got something out of it, or even better add it to your favourites. Help crush the Trolls! You could also subscribe to this channel to get notified of any new videos – subscribing is free and easy.Cheers, K.

  10. Nice work. I've struggle playing black against the English.I have a much better understanding of the system now.

  11. If those games illustrated anything, it's that I need to work on my tactical training above all else :S

  12. Thanks KingsCrusher. Today I faced the English opening in an OTB game… only blitz but still and honestly I wa completely confused and ended up losing. This is very helpful and simple way to play against the English. thx. You are a beast!

  13. Nice video King. Which opening do you prefer when you are black against 1. e4? =)

  14. if you were to continue as black with Bg2 🙂

  15. very good video, enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂

  16. why not exchange the knights early instead of the check with the queen?

  17. great video quick and doesn't ramble on too much like many others. Many thanks

  18. do you play games online I really liked this video and I would like to challenge you to a game if you have time for that

  19. Nice. I hate playing against the English and getting smothered early. Thanks!

  20. THx, but i suggest u getting a new mic. 

  21. Very, very interesting! Where can I find more about this opening?

  22. 9:34 Could have checked with the Queen winning a bishop. If Queen Blocked QxQ White Knight gets the rook and bishop takes your rook and then you White captures bishop with rook

  23. is this playable with g3 on the first move or Nc3 on the second?

  24. i don't really see the point to beginning the fianchetto if the bishop stays where it is. It seems to create an unnecessary loss of tempo and a vulnerability to the king side rook. Why do it?

  25. A moment of silence for our fallen brothers who had headphones at 0:06 sec.

  26. This is a very useful lesson. Thank you, sir.

  27. Would have been helpful for a less experienced players like myself to briefly address move 4 : white knight takes black knight Nc3xd5. Is black able to maintain a comfortable position after bringing his queen out so early (i.e., when move 4 : Qxd5 is made to take equalize the exchange)?

  28. What kind of game were you showing there? Those weren't grandmasters were they? It looks like an amateur game

  29. Giving you a big thumbs done not for the content but the absolutely awful sound quality. Please improve on that aspect it's quite important to present your audio with good sound .fidelity.Thanks

  30. Thanks, I Will try this early liberating with d5 system.

  31. i just get rekt while playing english opening so thats why im here

  32. Twelve and a half years later, this idea is still very valuable to me. Thanks KC!

  33. As a 40 year old even I do not appreciate the 8-bit chessboard

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