Chess Openings: Alekhine Defense

The Alekhine Defense is a hypermodern defense against the e4 opening from white. Black looks to allow white to overextend his pawns in the center and then looks to counter by taking back control of the center using his minor pieces

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  1. Who knows who disliked those vids well I’m the one who liked

  2. Kevin what if my opponent don’t know the Alekhine defense and play other moves instead of e5 what should I do

  3. In my opinion, playing d6 right away after black moves his knight again is not the best move for white as you really fall into black's plan right away. I always choose Bc4 at this point because black will either have to defend the knight again with a pawn or move it again. Either way this gains a tempo for white. I use this extra tempo to create a super solid pawn chain, but normal development is also fine. 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. Bc4 e6 4. d4 Nc6 5. c3 Both sides will continue to develop, but personally I think white is better because of the large space advantage.

  4. Highest win rate opening according to Lichess' databases

  5. Yeah I always find this opening to be mad tricky, you can easily lose just as well as get an upperhand

  6. I don't normally play Alekhine defence but when I do after I play d6 I will often see white play Pf4 can anyone suggest the optimum move for black.

  7. Wow, your videos are amazing. So succinct and clear, they're a perfect introduction to all things theory, but not too much information that I (as a fairly average/sub-average player) don't get lost at all. Thank you for uploading!

  8. I just got an achievement for using this defense by accident

  9. So for the third option, when someone chooses knight to f3, what do we do a little further down the line? I’m not going to get rid of my bishop right off of the bat, so how would I counteract that? I’m still new to chess and not quite able to figure that out yet haha

  10. Thanks for the helpful video and intro to this opening! 👍🏼

  11. I played this and completely demolished a lvl 1300 computer. This is my go to defense to E4 from now on.

  12. I'm sorry, I can't use this because I'm 500 elo and literally nobody is going to play pawn to e5.

  13. when bishop takes knight in the exchange on f3, what is the defense of the knight on d5 while also not retreating it (and losing rook a8)???

  14. Yea still gonna chase that knight and put it on a6 cuz e4 Nf6 e5 Nd5 c4 so on

  15. This looks like a very flawed play style, thanks for the video

  16. I like the 4 queen variation.
    1. e4, Nf6
    2. Nc3, d5
    3. e5, d4
    4. exf6. dxc3
    5. fxg7, cxb2
    6. gxh1, bxa1

  17. I will do anything in my power to avoid a 4 horse opening. Anything…

  18. This opening looks so bad for black but it can really mess up your opponents tempo if they don't play it right.

  19. I was just playing random moves then suddenly I got an Alekhine Defense achievement in

  20. Alekhine, epic player.
    Alekhine defense, not so great.

  21. I keep getting crushed as white by this opening 😭

  22. He didn’t move the queen pawn. He just went after my ass. Help I’m scared

  23. I know absolutely nothing about chess and I'm watching this late at night as my phone is dying and I have to be awake in few hours. Thanks youtube

  24. It’s a respected opening and very unusual because it goes against opening principles. For me the issue with it is that it’s not always easy to break back in the centre if you play too passively. You don’t want to create backward pawns but you do want to have some centre control in my opinion.

  25. 8:41 What if he bring his F1 biship to C4? Wouldn't that then attack the horse and maybe even checkmate the king after the black bishop take horse and queen take bishop?

  26. I play 1. Nf6 almost exclusively as a response to e4 and I have yet to see these lines

  27. No offense to Alekhine, But I think this opening sucks.

  28. That's all fine and dandy, but whenever I play it, NO ONE tries to move my knight away. The most common continuation is White defending the pawn w/ Kc3.

  29. I got an achievement for this defense and I did it by accident lol

  30. I know this Defense like the back of my hand.

  31. Kevin was smashing it before engines or even chess being cool at all
    Thanks Kevin for the wonderfull job

  32. Damn I'm getting better At chess
    I just got this achievement without even Knowing this thing exist

  33. I have always liked this opening. But never had anything other then a bloody nose and broken teeth playing it. Some day I will get it down. My best games tend to revolve around solid london and collie sort of ideas.

  34. My favorite defense for black, the best defense is attack <3

  35. I'm a new chess player and someone tried this on me but they were so passive and defensive I'd gotten so many pieces developed after chasing his knight around the board he was easily bullied the rest of the game

  36. I made this defense and got achievement so i watch this if i really did

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