Chess Openings: Alekhine Defense

The Alekhine Defense is a hypermodern defense against the e4 opening from white. Black looks to allow white to overextend his pawns in the center and then looks to counter by taking back control of the center using his minor pieces

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  1. Is it a bad thing if I don't like this opening, I prefer the Birds and the English Opening for white and I think it's called the Mieses opening for black.

  2. interesting. I don't play it like this. I think it's better to advance the e pawn for a more closed version. also, white very often brings out the white bishop with the idea of trading it for the wasted moves knight. it's a simple counter attack by simply moving the knight, and I can feel my opponents seeth when my knight counterattacks their bishop with impunity!

  3. the best thing of all about this defense is that I know it better than white does. here be dragons. oh yes.

  4. the best thing of all about this defense is that I know it better than white does. here be dragons. oh yes.

  5. Anything on how to handle the Plancic variation (4 pawn attack with 5 … g5) when white declines the pawn with say 6. Nf3 or 6. Nc3?

  6. how would you defend against after Nd5, c4?

  7. what does dianketto the bishop mean?

  8. I think Fischer used this before and won with black. True?

  9. The main line of the Four Pawns attack runs 18 moves and is very tactical, with several key deviations.ย  Then of course there is the Emory Tate variation, which I just did a video about.

  10. I cannot find information on the Alekhine Defense in the QGA. 1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4 3. Nf6 a6

  11. this is shit what if in move 2 white plays c4

  12. Thank you. A great primer on Alekhine's Defence, and what a great world champ he was!

  13. Wow, this is the real shit. It's too risky for me letting my opponent develop

  14. What if white brings bishop to c4 instead of pawn to c4

  15. what book of Alekhine Defense do you recommend?

  16. Ok. but what if white's 3rd move is C4 instead of D4? I cannot see any way black ends up in an advantageous position…

  17. Fuck this! This is the stupidest opening I've ever seen in my life. every time stock fish has played it against my I trounce it & scoff… just think about the opening move; in response to E4, you push a fucking minor piece into its attack range on white's 2nd move

  18. Did u like this opeaning ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  19. it really pisses me off when black starts this way. im waiting sicillian or something else and he brings out his bloody knight first move hahaha

  20. in the modern line g6 is a mistake sense u can play bc4 and have a fried liver like attak on the white side

  21. Great video. Congratulations from Barcelona.

  22. can you add more ? i want more . what i mean is that , i want to see until the middle of the game. maybe ? i have trouble playing black.

  23. In the four pawn game, what would you do if instead of f4, white played Nc3?

  24. I love this opening. It is one of my most powerful. It has a lot of trap potentials and you can make players who are unfamiliar with it panic.

  25. if white plays Queen in move 2 or 3, does that venture outside of opening theory for Alekhine?

  26. I like playing the King's Indian, but many players just push e5 which makes me go into Alekhine's Defense, so thank you for this video.

  27. Iโ€™m just here because the Chessimo app keeps throwing this at me at the 1300 range every time and I keep losing ๐Ÿ™

  28. Can white rather than defend e4 gambit it off for development?

  29. 4:03 "four knight attack" — I know that you misspoke but I thought it was funny. A real 4-knight attack would be crazy. imaging the mating net!

  30. I dont like being black here one little bit. The space white gets in the centre from the word go is just too much if white plays 2.c4.

  31. I've been using the Israeli defence to some success

  32. I've always liked abd used this defense , especially mokele mbembe variation

  33. In a book I have when the knights at e5 there's to f7 pawn in front of the king I was like wait, where'd the kings pawn go?

  34. This is definitely guna be my go to defense against e4 from now.

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