Chess openings – Benoni

Chess openings – Benoni
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  1. Your opening videos are really top notch., you are very good at explaining the ideas behind the moves. Thanks for this

  2. sup Dereque…was looking at 4.dxe looks ok for white as 4. …dxe leads to queen exchange and bad for black. So i saw after 4.dxe? …Qe7! as now any exchange of f or d pawns just helps blacks development. Do you agree? Ive been using your vids as a reference guide for years…your presentation & explanations motivate me! Thanks man.

  3. your explanation was very nice indeed! thanks for this because i finally had an idea on how to play benoni.

  4. Very nice intro and preliminary discussion. You've made me fall in love with this opening. Cheers, Dereque!

  5. Do you have a Benko Gambit video tucked away somewhere? Looking at other channels the modern benoni has fallen out of favor (though they failed to mention why).

  6. Thank you Dereque. Your video's are the only one's that I have been able to follow and start to understand the concepts involved behind the various possible moves in the game.

  7. One of the clearest explanations of the key plans in the Benoni that I've seen. You have a gift for reducing openings to their essential ideas. I especially appreciate that you highlight the variations that don't work in a way that the average club player can understand. Kudos.

  8. Super, but it just ended in the best moment 😀

  9. Hi thanks for the vids they are really good, does white somtimes play D6 bfore developing his knight. If so what is blacks best response to this?

  10. can the old Benoni (direct c5) be of interest as beginner's opening?

  11. thank you so much mr dereck i follow you from morocco 🙋

  12. I automatically hit like in all your videos. Then I watch them. Because I know they are awesome before I see them and it helps me track which ones I've seen already. 🙂

  13. Has Black ever tried a pre-emptive 6…a6 to keep that bishop check out?

  14. Excellent analysis of this opening and options. Thank you!

  15. Love to The legendary Derq Kelley for his Legendary video on my favourite opening.

  16. thanx can I use it against London system??

  17. plz say which will be effective opening against Lindon system

  18. What he never mentioned is that exactly the Taimanov Attack (7.f4) is the reason why Black usually reaches the Modern Benoni with different move order and plays 2.e6 first and only plays c5 after White placed a Knight on f3.
    Well, he basically presented perfectly why is Black doing that…

  19. Good Job Kelly. Your lectures helped me a lot in learning opening repertoire. You made opening principles very interesting..Thanks a lot.

  20. It’s openings like this that made me fall in love with chess. 😁!!,I thought it nerdy and dull until I saw Tal and Steinitz games!..does anyone know where the Benoni name comes from?…why it’s called that?

  21. Is this a good alternative to Sicilian defence when d4 is white first move?

  22. Please also cover the Czech Benoni, Benoni with 3…g6 and the Hromadka System and make some Endgame and Middlegame videos also. I have subscribed to your channel.

  23. Sir please avoid sub titles while explaining sir.

  24. One of the best chess instructionals I have seen on YouTube. Thanks.

  25. Outstanding video as always. I am quickly becoming a big fan of the channel!

  26. Icredible! What a video, what a enthusiasm! Great and Thanks!

  27. Really good video. I love the way we went through whites attack and how black intends to follow up, as well as how white will respond to this and how black can proceed from there.

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  29. I am a beginner of chess, if yours ides is/was to teach a beginner like me, please include the coordinate of the chess board A1, B2 etc etc. Most of time were to pause and search where were what! If I am a master like you, then I do not need to watch your video. You did kill two birds with one video – the beginners and the masters.

  30. This was really helpful! I'm a new player (well I've been playing for 20 years, but now I'm actually trying to get good at it instead of just pushing pieces around) and I think I'll consider adding this to my opening repertoire! Thanks for the informative video!

  31. Excelente!!!! 👏👏👏 Muy lindo video!!

  32. A middle file OPEN FOR THE QUEEN " HELL NAW

  33. Thanks. You have some best videos on opening theory.

  34. спасибо, полезное видео!

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