Chess Openings – Best Moves for White

Learn a chess opening by learning the best moves for White. This video shows you how you can learn the first five moves for White no matter what Black plays.


  1. dont understand these are not forced moves for black…if black played different white would be lost… your idea and am not trying 2b a hater i know you are trying 2 do good

  2. @MrEmanuel1223 Almost none of Black's moves are forced. The idea of an opening repertoire is to prepare for all of the moves that your opponent could play that are any good. Then you can instantly play the moves you've spent the time to prepare.

    If Black played different moves, Black would likely be lost.

  3. @ chessopeningsguy, How do you feel the London II compares to the Kings Indian Defence, Fianchetto Variation?

  4. I saw you mister pointer, 1:28 you can't hide.

  5. HI ,simply 1st 5 moves for white no matter what black do is a Queen gambit ,if he declines it ,you just develop ,if he accepts you go up with queen ,retake pawn and continue developing…

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