Chess Openings- Birds Opening

The Bird’s Opening is the 6th most popular opening, although rarely played in comparison. White tries to focus on the center by controlling the dark squares while black tries to focus on the light squares.

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  1. Great opening…this bring me 2000 elo in lichess. another variation is to play d4 ang Nf3 to e5..supported by 2 pawns. an Nd2 to Nf3 and refill the Ne5 when captured

  2. Bird is the word. I always win with this opening

  3. Sorry man, but 1…Nf6 is not the main line, nor the best move for black. 1…d5 is

  4. Nice video. I lately find my self playing that opening a lot. But what about this knight on b1. How do you develop it? a3 I dont think is a good square for the knight. if you go c3 then black pushes the d5 pawn, and if you capture with the pawn then the king would be vulnerable. you could also move the knight on e4 but most of the times when i play this opening black has his light square bishop on f5 so e4 is not an option. any ideas??

  5. Fine opening. I really have trouble believing that accepting the from gambit is viable, even if you prevent the immediate checkmate, black just looks dominant. I'd say transposing to a kings gambit is best

  6. Ah Kevin, I feel exactly the same about my Knights in the early phase. I would be happy to take your Knights and give up my Bishop in an opening.

  7. Please make a video on the FROM'S GAMBIT…thank you!

  8. This is not an analysis, this is how to get sticked with Bird's theory, not how to play well.

  9. ngl this opening is very good. but advanced players see a way to counter it. Ive being using this opening since i started chess. i got 500 rating because of it. but i feel like i am gonna stop using it as many people know how to checkmate through.

  10. 1) Where do I station the b Knight? I always think it's an awkward piece to move in Bird opening
    2) When is it a good idea to move up the d pawn, leaving the e pawn somewhat vulnerable?

  11. I came here to tell you guys about the match i JUST had!! My opponent (white) opened with 1.f4. I replied with 1.e5. My opponent did a VERY noob move. He played 2.g3. I took the f4 pawn. He took back with his pawn. And now u can guess what i did….

    Qh4+ checkmate

  12. Definitely d5 is the mainline not nf6, the question is whether there is a reason why. I wonder if the reason is c4 stops d5?
    Incidentally a different way to play is not to fianchetto the bishop but just play for a kingside attack with the bishop eyeing h6

  13. 2:29 … it's fian-'ketto' not 'chetto' despite the spelling.

    I've seen even grandmasters saying it wrong

  14. I once used this and beat my mom she was surprised

  15. I know this is an old vid, but anyone know the opening track?

  16. I just played an opponent who did the Birds opening. I lost, but I played the exact same moves as shown in this video as black. I had never seen this opening before. Good explanation.

  17. I finger slipped f4 and played this opening by accident, a lot of fun

  18. I love how no matter how old a video is about chess, I can still learn and apply new openings to my game

  19. I tried this opening, and got fool's mated :' (

  20. I expected the bird opening to be using only pons tho ._. (because birds fly in an arrow-kind with a group)

  21. POV: You search the rarest opening in chess

  22. I love this opening, however, a good player can tear it apart.

  23. Thank you. new to chess but love your explanations. Subscribed.

  24. It's interesting to me that while the bird's opening looks like you're playing the dutch defense with white, the themes start to diverge after a few moves. I'll try to incorporate this in my arsenal. Should be pretty fun.

  25. It's pronounced fian 'ketto' not chetto. I hear even GMs getting it wrong its funny.

  26. One of my opponent used this opening . He lost within few moves

  27. I saw an add that was was such an anti ad that I thought it was the actual video

  28. Some guy tried and failed to play this against me, mainly because I resigned when the from gambit didn’t work.

  29. Before playing c5 what we should do if the opponent played Nc6?

  30. I play this opening quite often its works pretty well because most people don't know what to do with it.

  31. yes I pick my openings depending on how cool they sound

  32. Or, alternatively, you could just play this like a reverse Dutch

  33. “It’s bird’s opening not actual birds” mato

  34. I think bishop to d3 is way good than e2 after that you take the knight with the dark square he will take back with the queen then move the knight to g5 attacking taking the free pawn and attacking both castle and queen and making a way for your queen to get involved in the attack black cant stand it btw you can go after that to sacrifice your queen against a pawn so you get an empty diagonal to your castle if you didnt castle

  35. I know this is an old video, but after e3, if black plays g6, Ne5, Bg7, Qf3, 0-0… This is a terrible… terrible opening right?

  36. This dosen't make sense, in the Dutch the black bishop is the strong one so how to now he white bishop is the weak one?

  37. 13 years later I found a good counter against the bird opening

  38. Time to make a new HD series, i love how you explain stuff, cheers mate.

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