Chess Openings: Blackmar Diemer Gambit

The Blackmar Diemer Gambit is one of the most aggressive lines that white can play as it gives up his king’s pawn as early as the 2nd move in the game and then looks to also give up his king’s bishop’s pawn. White does this to have an advantage in development and keep the black king at bay while white punishes black for his lack of development

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  1. 9 times out of a hundred, you're gonna castle on the queen side

  2. Vom Ersten Zug An Auf Matt! (Toward Mate From The First Move!)

  3. black can easily forcely transpose this into a french by playing 2. e6 which white probably doesn't want to play

  4. halfway through, i'm like, 'did he really just say that?'

  5. This opening has a 49 percent winning chance for White its insane

  6. 4:49 "a lot of black players will look at you and think you are retarded"

  7. 4:50 I thought I misheard. That was the most unexpected shit I've ever experienced.

  8. 5:04 he said queen to e3 but he is moving the bishop but still great channel

  9. this gambit is totally unsound! I play scandinavian defence so I had to study the gambit as well. It is enough just to play 4…Bf5 (Vienna Variation) instead of taking the f3 pawn and all gambit is over!

  10. I tried doing this gambit on an AI. I played 4. f3 and they played Be6 and that's when I knew not to trust gambits on AIs.

  11. Can someone help me? What’s the line if someone plays f5 at 1:13?

  12. OMG! i played and won with this gambit without realising and the website said that it was this!

  13. These videos are old and relatively basic, but I love how clear they are! I learned my first openings watching their videos, and years later I'm glad that they still make new ones.

  14. ‘’A lot of black players will look at you and think you are retarded’’ –4:49

  15. That's a nasty setup. Would have fooled me.

  16. Your videos rock !
    I went from getting my ass handed to me by my experienced friend to now beating him 3/5 games . From 900 to 1250 in a year ..
    … if it wasn’t for the fact I got beat so bad in the beginning I think my scoring would be higher

  17. Oh, trust me, my opponents always think I'm retarded.

  18. I got walked into this gambit as a white, and got was my aggression x 2. Geex

  19. when i saw d4 i was like mehhh……. but the moment he said people who hate playing against scandinavian against e4 we can transpose that into this, !!! i actually became a RETARD

  20. It’s an England gambit reversed and you have a d pawn

  21. 9 times out of one hundred is not very high

  22. I love that background static not gonna lie

  23. Started playing this gambit and my rating has climbed from 1770 to 2435. Thank you so much Kevin!!

  24. My plt plays often, some of us have gotten pretty good. I've been besting guys left and right with this gambit. The amount of options after taking F3 with queen/knight is nice, but… I was playing one of our less talented guys and he threw me for a damn loop when he pulled his queen back from D4 to D6 lol

  25. I love this dude's voice / accent what part of US is he from?

  26. "Black's gonna look at you, thinking youre retarded"

  27. Only problem being at 500 rating is that nobody falls for gambits they just play pawn to D6 😩

  28. спасибо, попустил мишу благодаря вашим гайдам

  29. Never moved the white bishop f1 > b5 to put black king in check? Or does that just leave the bishop out there exposed. I thought it might be good to rattle the opponent perhaps, and break his thought process.

  30. i got my very first en passant using this gambit! I LOVE THIS OPENING

  31. "they're gonna think you're retarded" dude i died laughing, so refreshing hearing commentary from over a decade ago, you just dont hear that anymore xD

  32. Did you say bringing your queen to E3? I thought that was a bishop.

  33. "a lot of black players might look at you and think you're retarded" IM DEAD LMFAOOOO 13 YEARS AGO AND THIS STILL GETS ME

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