Chess openings – c3 Sicilian

Chess openings – Sicilian Defence
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  1. just flattering you again.!  Today when i woke up i played on chess free level 9 which equates to about 1700 elo., in professional mode, so no take backs of any kind. 27 moves later the computer resigned. There is no way i could have done that a year ago, and this journey i took was guided very much by your videos. You have a natural talent , dont let it go to waste. Ooo and teach me more hehe.

  2. Youre awesome and your videos are great! Thanks!

  3. Your videos are very well made, you explaing things clearly and your videos are direct to the point and very informative and detailed, so thanks and keep it up !

  4. fereque kelley thank you sir for you breif explanation you ideas are great

  5. Dereque, please explain me the problem of central majority. I'm struggling to find an answer but i cant find it. I don't understand where is the power of 2-1 central majority. flank pawns can also attack central squares. also, you aren't talking about any possibilities of white getting 2 to 1 central majority in queen's gambit declined where white can capture the black's D pawn with white's C pawn. Same goes for grunfeld. Guess for some reason, in those 2 openings that doesn't take place in anything. Explain

  6. Most people I have played with white against, actually miss the move. 2…. d5.

  7. At 5.35 why isn't c4 a good move for white?

  8. Another wonderful explanation of a chess opening — thank you, Dereque!

  9. Can you make a video on how to attack against an "opening" where black places his pawns as a3 b4 c3 d4 e3 f4 g3 h4? I know this isn't a real opening, but I can't find many flaws.

  10. Very informative video, thank you !

  11. Dereque I love your smile! Great and instructive lessons.

  12. just to sacrifice and make the king out of step! 15:01 the Bishop takes f7 check!, king x f7, then pd4 to d5 check, knight takes d5, Knight g5 check, k to d7, Q takes d5.

  13. at 14:14 why not move Bishop to D2 protecting the rook, and attacking queen at the same time?

  14. Great thanks much! just had to count the squares on few occcasions )

  15. Just in case it hasn't been mentioned, at 14:37 Qd2 is better then the pawn taking on c3.

  16. spotted a couple of errors by the teacher disappointingly

  17. Im getting back into chess again and this is definitely the go to site.No boring preamble and cuts to the chase.Well presented by a cheery soul who knows his stuff!!

  18. Hey man, your lessons in openings are all amazing, thank you so much!

  19. You are a great chess explainer and perhaps one of the best teacher of chess I have ever seen

  20. Dereque! Do you know some games about 3:34' s variation? This is a playable game for white? For black? What do you think about 5. …- e7-e5 move in this setup? Thats all! 🙂 Wait your answer if you have a lot of time, István.

  21. at 6:04, is it possible to retake the d4 pawn with the knight and avoid the isolated pawn?

    Nxd4 Bxe2 Nxe2 or

    Nxd4 Nxd4 Bxd4 Bf5

  22. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH, Going to all-ontraio's soon and i needed a good defence for black

  23. GM Finegold did a video on showing two games where he plays Nf3 on move two before playing c3.  Then after black plays d6 and Nf6 attacking e4 white just plays Be2 hoping black captures the enprise pawn on e4.  When white plays Qa4 check winning the pawn.  Whatdo you say about making a video in this line?  Love your videos Dereque!

  24. This is old info. Misses many current theory moves.

  25. So basically your giving up the queens pawn for attacking like a gambit right?

  26. I was hoping all shift that when I got home there'd be a Dereque Kelley video on the Sicillian w/ c3. An excellent night cap with a mug of hot chocolate . . . thanks!

  27. I watched this video a few months ago and thought it was good. Recently, I nearly got crushed as black against this 2.c3 variation of the Sicilian and spent 25+ moves defending until finally I got some relief and won the game. Now, I see this video again and I'm baffled at how deep the theory goes and how I could have better prepared for 2.c3. Thanks again for an awesome instructional chess video!

  28. I can't wait to play this line against an opponent who doesn't know it so well lol… especially after the queen's pawn situation

  29. I really love your clear explanations. So clear and straightforward!

  30. You explain like a true strategist. Most other Chess videos will do well in bringing up the typical moves and responses, and show a few moves into each line to see what happens, but they fail to explain the big picture strategy behind them. That is why I love your videos, they help me to understand the purpose behind the openings and main lines, so if an opponent responds differently than expected, I'm still able to keep the main objective in mind and intuitively play along. This I think is far more effective and fun than simply memorizing each and every possible move without even knowing why those moves are played.

  31. Great videos. It's unfortunate but I find that people rarely play as elegantly as you . Most of my opponents are often very aggressive.

  32. could you make a video on how to play AGAINST the Marshall attack?

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