Chess Openings: Caro Kann

The Caro Kann is one of the most popular openings for black against the common e4 move from white. Black looks to play c6 with the idea of immediately playing d5 next, attacking the e4 pawn. This defense is one of the few moves that is thought to be not only equal for black in the main line but many times advantageous as black reaches a better pawn structure in the end game.

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  1. 1:49 ‘Caro-kann will turn into a French’Me (a caro player): NO THE FRENCH TURNS INTO THE CARO-KANN

  2. yo this shit aint bad, from barely before i was born

  3. my crush likes to play that

  4. When someone does this opening do scream "KHAAAAANNN!!!"

    Keep up da awesome vids, I love em! :]

  6. WHAT??? I'm not FIRST??? AAAAAA lol jk jk good vid man, helps me out alot.

  7. haha yeah i did make it, hope you enjoyed. I def will keep up the vids.

  8. I must diasagree with what you said about the panov variation of the Caro kahn. After the exchange of pawns white plays c4 and gets a very active position. Many times white gets an isolated d pawn but has compensation in the open c and e files. It is a variation that has been played by the english grandmaster Michael Adams.

  9. yeah i know. it'll come back. I'm working on a cool intro video. Hopefully it'll be up soon. I need to find a cool programmer that know how to do cool vids.

  10. 6:44. Yes it's good to know about it, but it'd be even better if we knew why it was dangerous (what are the traps?) =). I'm guessing it may involve … Qh5 or Qf3?

  11. Yeah, sadly youtube only gives me 10 minutes for videos so I can only say soo much but I will try in future to get in as much as possible. Thanks for feedback.

  12. i dont like very much that opening because many of my oponents play 3.E5 and a cant open my game as i like.
    what is the best move is this situation?

  13. 1.e4 c6
    2.d4 d5
    3.Nc3 dxe4
    4.Nxe4 Bf5
    5.Ng3 Bg6
    6.Nf3 – how do you respond? (3:18 what if white Nf3 instead)If you do somthing lke Nd7 white will Nh4 forcing the exchange of bishop and knight if black play e6 instead the knight will go to e5 trading the knight for bishop again if h6 first then black will fall behind in development

  14. i dont like the variation 3….Nd7 because the bishop on c8 will be bad, i like variations…3…Bf5 and 3….Nf6

  15. @holyheII i will play Nd7. Nh4 would be bad since you are moving the same piece twice and black will capture with hxg6, opening the h file and black can castle queenside

  16. after black moves the first bishop to f5, what if white moves queen to f3?

  17. At 3:35, would it not be better to move the pawn to h5, to stop the white pawn advancing?

  18. @thechesswebsite

    There is a chess tourny at my school and my friend always beats me if he starts. He always does e4 and im wondering what would be your best idea of defence.

    He is very greedy for pieces which is how i sometimes win.

    Also, can you make a video (if you dont already have one for it) for the Tori/Colley which starts with D4 to make a spear head with all your pieces with in it.

  19. Bishops at D or D 3 is almost never good with a pawn behind it. It costs a move and initiative. Q-B3 you say? FOR WHAT? K-D7 is not good. It makes an assumption of trade. The opponent can leave it and inhibit development. That makes the bishop a dork and the King trapped. Larson opens the file but unless F3 is moved immediately you have a crippling disadvantage. E5 is a good move! The forward pawn becomes a serious problem from black.

  20. D4-D5 is not the move for responce to the forward pawn. It is best to close out the side and defend holding the advantage of position and inhibiting development of the opponent. Moving the pwn out of the center is a negative.

  21. @thechesswebsite The new li mit is 15 minutes

  22. @thechesswebsite The new limit is 15 minutes

  23. Instead of pawn d2 to d4 white recognizes the potential for caro-kann and moves pawn c2 to C4 thus removing the pawn adavantage, what would you recomend?

  24. Wow!!! I'm a budding amateur and was looking to expand my opening repertoire. This is exactly what I needed. Have been practicing caro-kann on chess base and it works!! Your instructional videos are absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for taking the effort to make these.

  25. uh….wtf….this guy apparently thinks that the panov/botvinnik gives BLACK the advantage? haha….how can he say this….he did not do his homework. 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 3 ed cd 4 c4 is definately advantage to WHITE and the 'extra' center pawn black has is totally irrelevant to an objective assesment of that position.

  26. i dont like this defence, as you see white has a very nice development, ready to castle even. while black moved this dark square bishop way too much. and didnt develop his king side at all. thats my point of view

  27. what happens if you oponent doesnt play like that?

  28. 3:01 instead of moving the bishop back, can you bring e-7 pawn up to e6?

  29. thanks from a really lousy player…the penny dropped…really useful!!!

  30. @moviecritic6 thanks 4 your response….I do not know what my rating is…I'm just not that aggressive in play…so I've beaten players rated 2000 but am ashamed to say i've lost to people rated in the 1200's..I am talking about on line ratings so who knows? How about yourself?Do you think joining a club would be a good idea??Its weird but I just do not have the killer instinct,if I am trashing someone sometimes I lose on purpose,but with good players I get my ass kicked because of passivity…

  31. You exaggerate a bit: having a better pawn structure doesn't mean that you have the advantage, it's a a bit more complex than that ( cf what you say in your introduction and in the end about the exchange variation). No black defense promises an advantage for black against the main lines in chess, you can just reach equality from a theoretical point of view. Of course, the caro kann is a very good practical defense against 1.e4 and you sometimes get the advantage against a player who overpresses.

  32. With the exchange variation, I think after 3. exd5, cxd5, White is quite good with 4. c4!

  33. man… i have been playing so many matches online, none would respond as the white opponent. I guess these moves are much better by thought, thinking them by these methods prevents u to think out of the box… Damn…

  34. @thechesswebsite
    What? I can upload 15 minute videos although i have uploaded 1000% less videos than you.

  35. Good job, Caro Kann is my favorite defense. Actually, with black I always play c6 no matter what white plays.

  36. @TheRoopeKonna Youtube recently changed the upload time limit from 10 to 15 min

  37. @thechesswebsite

    Can you do a video on the advanced variation?

  38. i just love your videos, let's me see straight up what are different variations for a given opening or situation…great help!!

  39. I find this defense incredibly difficult to play. Just so many holes for white to exploit.

  40. @thechesswebsite

    Can you do a video on the advanced variation?

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