Chess openings – English Opening

Chess openings – English Opening
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  1. Like Myth Busters says before blowing up things when in doubt C4!

  2. this is awesome opening in all times. I think.

  3. Bronstein played english c4-e5, and transposed into King's Indian Defense. But, I would love to see an Old Indian Defense

  4. pls start making videos i find it very helpful

  5. Dereque, your smile is inspiring man. You're awesome!!

  6. The video was very helpful sir can I get a video of queen's Gambit declined

  7. You represent the game well homie! No doubt. This is also my specialty. When playing against very strong opposition, I find that this opening gives me the most flexible course of action and reduces the chance for me to screw something up.

  8. Hi Dereque, what I thoroughly enjoy in your videos is that you immediately and clearly explain the strategic goals behind moves, which then helps understanding how to develop one's own play. Some chess lecturers just go over games and/or go over lots of variations, but your videos demonstrate WHY certain moves are made at a certain moment.

  9. Very good presentation… best format by far

  10. What’s the difference between English and birds

  11. What happens when black plays french defence

  12. Dereque your videos are the best in the Universe. At 2:40 you mentioned risk, what are the risk of trying to seize too much of the center?

  13. I'll keep saying it: You are really good at making transparent the question of choices. I was for many years a college professor, so I really do enjoy the quality of the pedagogy. Just awesome!

  14. When I watched these videos a couple of years ago, when I was just rediscovering chess, they made little sense…


    And you're very watchable, Dereque. Thank you.

  15. It really bugs me that although it's the English opening you have started with a British flag. There's a big difference, ask any Scotsman!

  16. I would probably play a dutch against such opening.

  17. Thanks for making this! Just right for my level.

  18. We saw blacks opening moves but no middle game plans for each variation. What does black play in the reversed Sicilian after a3?

  19. These are all great videos by this guy including this one, but people need to learn how to pronounce the word fianchetto FEE-ahn KE- toh The italian "ch" makes a hard K sound!

  20. Small matter of the intro: The English flag is the flag of St George. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not regions of 'England'…

  21. I really enjoy your videos, thank you for sharing your expertise

  22. This guy gives the best openings explanation. He gives you the fundamentals and building blocks of the openings.

  23. I like playing 1.e5, 2. Bc5 against the English.

  24. Very informative videooo thank you !

  25. Crap video all over the place bro,,, be clear, not all over the place it was cra

  26. I love how you and agadmator call the pieces in good positions "monsters."

  27. This was great – thank you!
    How does the english opening hold up under an early queen attack by black and/or an aggressive attack by black?

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