Chess Openings- French Defense Part 1

We examine a popular defense to white’s e4 pawn opening and discuss the important things you need to know when playing the French Defense. This in depth analysis should share some light on how to play the French Defense correctly. This is Part 1 so make sure to watch Part 2 for the second part of this video.

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  1. What do you reccomend in case white take d5 pawn with his pawn?

    Some people play that also

  2. What do you do when they do Queen on second move?

  3. French defence? Does the name mean we have to surrender (resign) the game quite quickly?

  4. Who is here in 2021?
    The video is still relevant even though it's 11years old

  5. Good job explaining Kevin, making it easy enough to understand.

  6. Bruh it’s not that hard for French chess. Just decapitate the king.

  7. I’m still learning the basics of chess and I’m really confused. What happens if white takes pawn at D4 (6:04), I know that black would take d4 but is there a better way to react against that?

  8. what happens if whites second move is c2-c4?

  9. Trying to learn to beat my friend at chess, wish me luck

  10. Hey man. Very nice video and amazing opening

  11. What should I do if my opponent moves his pawn to e5 on his second move. Is this a mistake and how can I get advantage from this?

  12. 08:53

    You mention white wanting to defend the pawn but is this needed?
    If they take you can just take back with the queen

  13. I started playing chess on the amateur level and I almost always use the Van’t Kruijs opening. It’s so uncommon that players are usually unfamiliar, and (at least against amateurs) you can probe with the queen early and see if the opponent gives you anything.
    Edit: the competition I’ve faced has been relatively weak. In a professional setting the Sicilian defense is normal, but on the amateur level my opponents were almost always thrown off with my opening

  14. I prefer the Pirc defense, it's wildly unpopular so most people don't know a counter to it and lots of the time I win with it. It's also a very solid defense which imo is much harder to break through

  15. i did this to my french teacher

  16. I actually like the way it is displayed from white prespective

  17. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Nice video!

  18. Excellent video overall!! My one bit of feedback is to get a pop filter. Listening to your microphone pop every time you pronounced the letter 'P' was really distracting and annoying. Otherwise, great work!

  19. Yo love your channel straight to the point and very informative been playing the past you and watch your stuff on the reg

  20. Love your tutorials. Been popping into your channel for years, I like it how you just get right into and don’t waste time. Great work, love your channel brother

  21. So is there potential to fianchetto on the kingside during this and make it some weird variation?

  22. “defense against white” but you are playing with white not with black lmao

  23. Why won't people play this at the top tournaments?

  24. I like ur videos very much and I watch all ur videos…but I Guess u won't reply here coz it's a 12yr video😩

  25. but if white does play Knight F3 what for black?

  26. This is not it. You show not the moves.

  27. The “Scholar’s Mate” attackers hate the French Defense.

  28. When explaining for black it would be better to shift the board

  29. Your the Best you’re the only reason i’m so interested in chess and your videos are amazing i’ve never seen such good chess videos

  30. One of the problems is the white player immediately takes your pawn on d5 as soon as you move it out. Let's say you are a mediocre player like me, learning the French defense against the computer. The white opponent immediately attacks you keeping you from setting up your basic formation. I see the logic of what you are saying but a skilled aggressive white opponent won't let you set up your French leaving you with a total mess of tit for tat melee. I have to have a fool proof system as black to set up a good defensive SYSTEM in a formation at the start I can use routinely against a good aggressive white opponent. Otherwise, the game goes from bad to worse. Think about a system like the Spanish tercios or the Greek phalanx to fight a battle with a SYSTEM. I am not clever but methodical and deliberate.

    I was a career soldier for 20 years and voracious reader of military history.. Chess is almost nothing like warfare at all. Mechanical well thought out methodical logistical systems help win ground battles. The side that can make the best mincing machine of combined arms ( mechanized infantry, armor, artillery, tactical air power) to grind up the enemy forces wearing down his reserves usually wins the battle. Amateurs talk about tactics while professionals talk about logistics. Chess is more about memorizing whole games and being clever. I don't see any real relationships between warfare and chess. I am good at war games with complex rules but chess is totally different from war games.

  31. lol this is my go to defense on black i had no clue it was the french

  32. French defense is better used not attacking the center. I can't say anything more on this matter.

  33. So let’s say the opponent doesn’t move in any of the predicted movements that would allow the French defense to work optimally, so you still use the same moves or do I need to learn other openings so I can be prepared for what they show me?

  34. I recently started playing chess. Thanks man

  35. great tutorial only started around 2 weeks ago and am currently at 350elo, trying to push 500 semi soon, great tutorial

  36. Great vid. Will try in my grind to 1000 Elo in blitz

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