Chess openings – French Exchange

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  1. In the 2.c4 line I prefer the answer 2…Bb4+ followed by a quick Nge7 and O-O, if white waits too much can be stucked in the centre. Obviuosly if white plays well I think it's fine for black anyway.

  2. Well its either French defense declined, or French defense accepted ( taking the d-pawn)

  3. By the way can you do the Scheveningen variation of Sicilian Defense? You explain things better than reading alot of books. Keep up that instruction!

  4. This really is my Achilles heel; I have better results playing the Fort Knox as opposed to facing the Exchange Variation.
    Thanks for the insight!

    Just a thought, how effective is 3…..Qxe5 and then transposing into a Fort Knox ish kind of set-up? Not very ambitious, but does it have any serious repercussions in the long run?

    Great job, Derek. >:)

  5. Dereque, would you be willing to do a you tube video about the Danish Gambit andor the Smith-Morra Gambit?

  6. 5:00 Why does he say white's bishop is semi-good and black's bishop is good?

  7. Honestly, if I were playing the French side for black, the only position i'd be OKAY with is the French Exchange. Ha!

  8. You are an extremely talented presenter. Keep up the videos!

  9. I think the french is going to be my exclusive e5 response. Such a complex and interesting opening.

  10. no one puts as much effort into their videos as dereque. i always go to his channel when i want to learn a new opening. i like how a lot of youtube videos only focus on white, but he goes through playing french with black and white pieces. appreciate it!

  11. Great that you've explored into the exchange variation, not a lot of people willing to make a vid on this, thanks Derek, liked!

  12. You are so cheer full
    And you always make me feel comfortable

  13. U are very affable and I find it easy to learn so TNXXXX

  14. I hate how affordable your apps are because now I have no excuse not to get them

  15. 1. Nearly all French players I know hate the Exchange Variation. That is a good argument in favour of it. 2. It creates open positions, French players love it closed. 3. White is a tempo up in an open symmetrical position. So he simply can't be worse.

  16. WOW!!!!!!! I really must Thank You & congratulate you on this most detailed explaination of the Exchange Variation. You have covered more moves & more possibilities of plans than most or ALL of the French Defense books I have in my library. Very Impressive. GREAT VIDEO. Thank You. Very Sincerely Yours, JAMES.

  17. The Spade King πŸ‘‘ ♠️ says:

    Can you do london system video for white plz

  18. What's a good way to learn all these openings without going insane?

  19. I can never watch this channel because his voice and smile is very annoying

  20. Thank you, that was a very deep and informative video

  21. Excellent presentation. All the information the French player needs to spice up the exchange variation.

  22. "A crime against chess" – Agadmator on the french defense the exchange variation

  23. Dereque, you're such a nice guy, and you're doing this great, but I have one tiny complaint – your board, which is a nice touch, is not visible to the viewers, and the board on screen isn't always in sync. This is annoying, especially because your lessons are excellent.

  24. Can't get the app kid bayonet on android…please advise

  25. Exchange French is most simple straight forward way for white to play against French in my opinion which all thing considered is quite valuable if you understand the pawn structure

  26. Loved how much your true enjoyment of certain lines of this opening showed through

  27. Thanks for this video! Very well edited and easy to understand. I just started playing chess this year and I by far have the most trouble when playing as black in the exchange French. This is gonna help a ton.

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