Chess Openings: Fried Liver Attack

The fried liver attack is a super aggressive opening that derives from the two knights defense in the italian game. White looks to sacrifice his knight on f7 so that he can take initiative and start a great assault against the black king. Black has to be on his toes and has to play very careful or else he will find himself checkmated very fast.

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  1. Covered a lot of possibilities, thanks for the nice video. My question is what is the continuation if instead of Nxd5 black plays Na5? What will be the continuation after Na5, Bb5+ c6, dxc6 bxc6

  2. I got a chess ad at the beginning of the video

  3. What about the castling, when the knight was about to attempt a fork attack? Is that a good move

  4. nobody ever plays knight b4, makes 0 sense to make that instead of knight d4

  5. Everyone's gangsta until opponent sacrifices his queen

  6. Shredder eats this alive. Liver gets smoked.

  7. Generally black will not allow the K to g5 move. A pawn will prevent this. End of Fried Liver.

  8. everyone gangster until your opponent fries your lungs

  9. Man I just love your voice "Some of the key concepts" always makes me smile, could listen to you forever 🙂 And at least I learned the Italian game from you, which mean I am not as bad as I used to be lol

  10. You're strategy is not really good for fried liver attack

  11. You didn't explain the moves if black plays theory

  12. What do you do if they Don't take the bait and move the knight on the f6?

  13. I am new but why would King move to D6 when Queen can steal white's knight? I have been running a game to simulate different outcomes and it seems like black is throwing the game by moving to D6. But if Queen takes white's knight, bishop will take black's queen and check the king, but this also allows the king to move into a lot of defensive positions. If the bishop chases too much it will get taken, you can move the rook into play but black still has it's own bishops it can activate at any moment. It seems like if black steals white's knight it will give black a lot more time to think and be methodical and maybe even win the game or have a stalemate. Am I missing something?

  14. dude..thanks for this!!!
    no disrespect but you sound like the actor who played Walter White Jr. in Breaking Bad 😃

  15. 2:24 Just tried playing stockfish against this position. After exd5 instead of Kxd5, it played Ka5. Threatening my bishop and totally ruining my plans 🙁

  16. The thing that I really like about the Fried Liver attack is just how savage it is against players rated less than 2000 ELO. It really does an amazing job throwing players in that ELO range off of their game. When you take the pawn with the knight, you're sacrificing the knight and giving the other player an immediate two pawn advantage.

    HOWEVER — with that sacrifice, you immediately and permanently destroy black's ability to ever castle in the game. Also, once black losses the ability to castle, their tempo is also thrown off and they must now play reactively instead of being proactive. The Fried Liver Attack puts black on the defensive and exposes the king in such a way that white can continue to develop pieces to force black's king to further dance around the board.

    This line of play sacrifices a knight for:

    – Loss of black tempo
    – Loss of black's ability to castle
    – Loss of black's ability to plan an offensive strategy
    – Loss of black's ability to more easily develop pieces without having to constantly respond to attacks

    Sure, you lose a knight during this attack — but as you see above, you also gain a lot of different positives!

  17. I just tried this for the first time on a 10/0 game. Qf8#!

  18. I lost against a very toxic player and I did this in a rematch. He did every move correctly for this opening and I instantly won. Never felt better

  19. What happens if black knight goes H6 instead of F6?

  20. So you can apparently only bring the white knight to g5 only if black brings his knight out. I put the knight to g5 and the queen just killed the knight.

  21. What I don't get is that Blacks best option is perhaps to play Nc2+ and not take the rook then play c6 on the next move. Then what does White do? White ends up getting lost in lower rated games because they are thrown by Black basically giving back material to defend their position.

  22. What if after 6. exd5, opponent plays b5 instead of Nxd5??

  23. Everybody gangsta until Mr. Traxler shows up.

  24. I beat my 7 year old 5 times with this move
    I then tried the Danish gambit and she countered with the fried liver attack
    Not sure how much longer I can contain this Monster

  25. When blacks bishop go's C5, why move white pawn B4?

  26. I hear what you’re saying and all these strategies would apply if the pawns are not mobilised. But when they’re in play then there’s no way you can pull this off. Correct me if I’m wrong but. Beginners playing against one another is a lot harder and more unpredictable than pros 😂 because my noob azz was like I’ll just move my pawn and not my bishop

  27. when blacks knight jumped to d5, you should have played queen h5. if black jumps back again to f6, then queen f 7 checkmate.

  28. When I see Italian I play h6. I’m not about to deal with this shit

  29. I just played this side by side and won!! Loll (600 elo xd)

  30. Actually a3 now its bad move, because after Nxa1 and Nd5 black has strong move Qh4!!

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