Chess Openings: Fried Liver Attack

The fried liver attack is a super aggressive opening that derives from the two knights defense in the italian game. White looks to sacrifice his knight on f7 so that he can take initiative and start a great assault against the black king. Black has to be on his toes and has to play very careful or else he will find himself checkmated very fast.

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  1. Also at 2:25, black can play knight to a5 which negates this attack

  2. Wht if the Bishop ♝ takes the pawn ♟ at c4 Kevin says to put the pawn at c4 to give Bishop some threat but bishop can easily take the pawn since it is unprotected.. Pls tell me some moves on those lines if the Bishop takes the c4 pawn

  3. I am not sure about some variations. Why would blacks pawn take in move 12 at min 9:04 exd4. The analyzer from says best move for black would be Be6 what I usually play too. Thanks anyways for the great videos. It's a big help! Cheers

  4. What if black goes knight to e7 from c6??

  5. To anybody who plays the Two Knights Defense: Just play the Polerio Defense

  6. 2:28 What to do if a player plays pawn b5 instead of capturing pawn with knight??

  7. the computer 99% of the time blocks the first check with QF6, you can then take Knight on E5 with bishop but you end up in a kind of awkward situation… any advice on the QF6 move?

  8. 1:20 Actually the most common move I've seen here is black plays h6 stopping the knight from developing to g5. Is it still possible to do this attack from this line?

  9. What if they knight to a5 to attack white bishop

  10. Check out. Tony Biggz defeats stock fish 10 in 1min 13sec Level 12cpu on pro mode

  11. Sound like u frying something up in the background

  12. I remember playing this strategy against my classmates and got a 5 win streak 😀

  13. What if Black Knight didnt take the pawn? What if Black Kc6 goes to a5?

  14. The Fried Liver Attack is a trap. It's the onions that get you.

  15. What if they counter attack to queen with knight to d4

  16. This will work if the players are just beginners and starting to learn how to move pieces.

  17. What if they play pawn to h6? It’s so frustrating because it seems like every player 950+ picks up on this right away and plays that, and then I have to freestyle with something else.

  18. The attack does not work if black plays h6.

  19. U didn't discuss black queen to f6 on check

  20. The name should be kill the knight attack

  21. What if after Re1, black move to b5 opposing the bishop and the pawn is defended by c6?

  22. How do you respond when black queen blocks check by moving to f6?

  23. Noob here – Playing the computer on easy mode, and even when I make the exact same three moves – the computer is so dumb it starts making weird ass moves – and then the Fried Liver approach goes out the window, and I lose. So yes, I am dumber than the computer on easy mode.. FML

  24. Whats the point of B4? Bishop just wins a pawn

  25. What if black moves pawn from h7 to h6 in the beginning of the game? In that case white knight can not come to front and this technique will fail

  26. even 1300 rated player can defeat this attack with traxler gambit.

  27. Lol tried this opening and got checkmated in 5 or so moves

  28. You moved your king early in the game.. can't castle towards the end of the game

  29. yeah … but you never get two knight defence! As soon as your opponent catches a whiff of the Italian opening, he or she will defend with pawns. So when would you get a chance to use this?

  30. 1:28. “Here is where the Fried Liver Attack really takes off”. Not if after 4…d5. 5.exd5 I play 5…Na5. Sorry Kevin.

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