Chess Openings: Fried Liver Attack

The fried liver attack is a super aggressive opening that derives from the two knights defense in the italian game. White looks to sacrifice his knight on f7 so that he can take initiative and start a great assault against the black king. Black has to be on his toes and has to play very careful or else he will find himself checkmated very fast.

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  1. I have a question, what if at 10:57, black plays b5, what do we do then?

  2. What if the other knight goes to a5 instead of taking your pawn????

  3. please explain the Evans variation, does black take the b4 pawn with knight or bishop? what next?

  4. After xd5 you don't capture with the knight you play Na5 attacking the bishop

  5. what if the queen comes to F6 at the start?

  6. I'm a killjoy

    I play 5. exd5 Nd4

    As black

  7. This opening is so common n simple for the opponent

  8. Overall in these kind of videos, i miss "how to play black"…like instead of 3…knf6, black should play bc5…crushed an opponent With that

  9. Mr. kevin after 1.Pe4 Pe4 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 Pd5 5.PxP Black can play 5. .. Na5 will completely neutralize Fried Liver attack, how about that?

  10. What i hate about these videos is that when you try them out, almost never will your opponent play like in the video which makes the entire video quite useless

  11. I played this and find out that queen if played in to the front of king in the beginning just kills everything in this type of opening

  12. what if your enemy is an idiot and he doesnt think that way?

  13. so basically at 1 minute when you bring your bishop to c4 and they bring theres down to c5 you brough the pawn to b4, they take pawn at b4 with bishop? What was the point of this you never explained it smh . Ive lost with this method like 5 times in a row now

  14. 2:25 what happens if the knight DOESNT take the pawn on d5 pls help!!!!

  15. what if black counters with a pawn to h6, after the white played bishop to c4, what should white do?

  16. "The last video," at 1:42, has no meaning to most people, who arrive here referred by YouTube or just browsing around. Your regular subscribers may know what it means — but they've already seen it, haven't they? So there's no reason for you to tell them about it.

    If you can't think strategically enough to know when your words have no meaning to your listeners, why should we trust anything you tell us about chess?

  17. What if instead of king to e6 he just brings queen to f6?

  18. I definitely have a question about the b2 pawn to b4 move when the opponent brings his dark space bishop out instead of the second knight. What keeps his bishop on c5 from taking my pawn at b4?

  19. It's not supposed to take on d5 but to play Na5

  20. Could you cover this variation of the Fried Liver attack?
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5 Na5
    Thanks for your videos, I've begun to study chess and they're really helpful. Greetings from Spain.

  21. After bishop takes knight Qf6 is a quite formidable move I guess

  22. What should i do if i use the fried liver attack and my oponent busts out the sicilian defence????????!!!!?????

  23. What do you do if the blocks the check with black queen to f 6?

  24. got a question for anyone here. I had the same piece structure as the one we see @ 3:00 and instead of his King going for KxF7, Queen went Qh4, so I went BxD5, Capturing Kside Knight. After this, I started slipping and got checkmated after 20 moves. What threw me off his his other Knight after capturing the first one, his move after was Ne7. Any ideas??

  25. on the 10…..Nxa1 variation. After 11.Nxd5 Qh4!! wins the game for black. White doesnt have further continuation but capture a rook and a few check here and there, then loses the endgame.

  26. I have always been told that this is called the Giuoco Piano opening.

  27. What happen if the knight went to e7 instead of b4?

  28. Great against novices or intermediate players, but against a good player, it`s chess suicide.

  29. at min 10:10, if black moves pawn to c6 what should the response be?

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