Chess Openings: Grunfeld Defense

The Grunfeld Defense is one of the most popular chess defenses against the d4 opening from white. Black looks to play a hypermodern defense by allowing white to control the center of the board and counterattack the center with this minor pieces. White much be careful and defend properly or his center control will vanish. White also has the option to decline and continue with a more aggressive line.

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  1. Hello, and tx for ur non-dry and non-boring trainings.

  2. A player named Grunfeld first analyzed it.

  3. I must say, as brilliant as the advice is, you sound a little tipsy.

  4. That video helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 'I don't play like Kasparov, he's a little better than I am.'


  6. when black moves his pawn up to c5, why doesnt white just take it, aside from a potential queen exchange?

  7. I like this opening when I'm white! XD it gives me a boost of confidence and then I play better with confidence

  8. What if I am playing against someone who will go for any bait I throw at him?

  9. Great video and explanations. Very clear. Just watched Kasparov-Prisbyl game and this Grunfeld explanation gives me a lot more insight into the play. Keep it up!

  10. I like the Exchange variation with Be3 

  11. Russian system is my favourite against Gruenfeld

  12. What if white takes the knight on d5 with his knight?

  13. love the casual intonation of the comments.. gj

  14. I am only watching this for my Saturday classes

  15. In case of 7.Nf3 pinning the Knight with Bg4 is a horrible move.
    Learn 2 database, noob 😀

  16. I don't like Petrosian system. White goes to Carlsbad pawn structure…

  17. "i think kasparov is a little better" haha 🙂

  18. what other openings/variations are there after g6

  19. Is c5 not hanging in the mainline Grunfeld?

  20. What should I do (as a black) if in position at 7:47 white plays Qa4+?
    If we exchange queens, then he's better by the pawn I can't capture anymore.
    If I play something different, I lose the queen.
    It's a lose-lose situation! (or am I missing something?)

  21. at 3:00 you say that the bishop would just be too much pressure, but I don't see how the bishop is of any real use there because white afaik can just push it away. pawn to h3, and bishop has to move. I suppose they could just take your knight, leaving you with a pawn sticking out. Is that a good move for black to take?

  22. 3:10 so if i play Bg4 pinning the knight, can't white just play h3? What would I do then?
    I would think that I should take the knight cuz retreating the bishops just loses tempo.

  23. LOL kasparov a little better then i am? are you for real! i love most of your videos and you're the go to for me the last couple years of going on and off chess, to learn openings, really helpful video still 7 years / 8 years ago.

  24. A pleasure as always to watch your videos. Would like to see more content uploaded from you. Thanks.

  25. Happy new Yearrrr lol Question: Which chess program do you use?

  26. "Fischer, with the black pieces – a minor disadvantage – quickly gained equality with one of his favourite openings, the Grünfeld Defence, and, as is common in the Grünfeld, sniped away at white’s centre". (from "Bobby Fischer Goes to War" by David Edmonds, John Eidinow)

  27. I will try this…Grunfeld Defense looks so elegant.

  28. Awesome videos keep up the good work! ♟

  29. Karpov beat Kasparov in grunfeld defence.

  30. I went to lookup and review this defense after watching Hikaru say that most people shouldn't use this opening (it was in a sub-2000 setting with bullet.)

    Man, I loved these chess videos, I remember watching this series many years back. Thanks for creating some of the (eventual) stepping stones for modern Twitch chess community. 😉

  31. after seeing Hikaru's tier I wanted to check out how legendary this opening was.

  32. I would say if white plays this they will get beaten. Your theory is very shallow.

  33. came here bcz of the popularity among the grandmasters, this video is very instructive bro keep it up

  34. What should I be trying to do if they advance the pawn to C5 on move 3 ?

  35. I always appreciate his explanations, I think he was a little stoned this time though.

  36. Who else doesn't know how to type the ü in Grunfeld Defense

  37. You're not even teaching an opening. You're making up some hypothetical game where black has these perfect moves that fit u miraculously.

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