Chess Openings: How to Play the Benko Gambit

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IM David Pruess introduces the Benko Gambit, a double-edged opening choice for black against 1. d4, which creates dynamic play and several interesting positional imbalances.


  1. What if when you offer the first pawn they take it?

  2. Why the knight looks like a donkey 😂😂

  3. I've seen so many of these videos it's not even funny anymore. No matter how many of these I watch, I still end up getting my ass kicked and it's frustrating as fuck. You ever lost 20 times in a row because the whole fuckin world is better than you at chess? Seriously, this is my favorite game to play but its starting to aggravate me. But, great video nonetheless.

  4. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    can u say it again

  5. Doppoganger
    Buy Capablanca's books on chess principles. You will learn. Also, as he says, the only way to learn is to play. Get over the stress and enjoy.

  6. Was I the only one that got lost 1/2 way thru? Who can remember all these variations of opening moves and on top of only works IF your opponent moves the way it shows in the vid.

  7. @macksun I'm sorry; you're not the only person who felt this way. I do want to say that what I was trying to show are a coherent set of squares to put your pieces on so that they coordinate: in other words, you should be able to learn something about opening strategy, and how to place your pieces that will help you, regardless of what moves your opponents make.

  8. @Doppoganger Check out Dan Heisman's back to basic tactics. Learn them like multiplication cards. Take about a min a problem and look up the answer. Chess= 99% tactics not openings. It's helped me soo much.

  9. right click for squares, and right click+drag for arrows.

  10. you dont have to take on b5! there are other options easier to learn for beginners, like a4! or even qc2!?… taking on b5, is going into your opponent territory, not very wise…

  11. accepting that pawn is positional suicide, once black handles white's e5 break, which is white's only clear plan from what i've seen, game is gg

  12. you overthink openings presented here imo! i used to lose a lot, because i was playing moves, as presented in youtube tutorials but kept forgetting what the objective was, and why is a particular opponents move dealbreaker for me.

  13. okk, I get it… now, how do I apply it against a human? ._.

  14. @ticklemequik if you don't like the opening, then don't use it.

  15. I am a Diamond member. I don't find this video in your library. Is it deleted?

  16. these videos are really nice!! keep up the good work!
    also, could you please start exploring deeper into some openings? maybe go into the variations a bit more? just a request

  17. Is it better to play the way black did or is it better to play the way white did?

  18. very good opening I love it
    very very very good opening

  19. i hate that the thumbnail doesnt even feature the right position, smh

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