Chess Openings: How To Play The Hyper Accelerated Dragon Sicilian – Deep Dive Jedi Guide

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Today we look at a favorite Chess Opening of mine, the Hyper Accelerated Dragon Sicilian! Use it as a secret weapon starting today!
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  1. Thank you for showing what not to do. A ton of videos just show the main lines. Then you get hit with a random move and your head explodes.

  2. Thank you this was really helpful I started playing this opening a year ago and its very underrated. A lot of gms dont play it because of maroxy bind. But its not scary. This video really helped me. Ive been using this opening and crush people I am 1600

  3. Thank you very much from México.

    The best video about HAD. 🐉

  4. just picking up the dragon again after many years,this is so helpful.Im using this as a quickstarter guide chapter on lichess for my studies on the accelerated dragon rep i'm making.For sure will watch everything you have on your main against e4,many thanks indeed sir.Just out of interest.what did you switch to,to combat e4? Thank you.

  5. Yes! I couldn't find an in depth on the sil even though I'm new I play it alot and lose but hoping this is going to help

  6. I have a question how will black setup if white sets up with Be2 not Bc4 and Nc3 for example e4 c5 Nf3 Nc6 d4 cxd4 Nxd4 g6 Nc3 Bg7 Be3 Be2?

  7. James after the part about where you mention if they move the knight then you move the knight to c6, but what after white castles trying Na5 to eliminate the c4 bishop or make it move back to e2?

  8. Dude you are in way better shape today

  9. This is an excellent video balancing general rules of thumb with concrete analysis

  10. Thank you for this great explanation! Just started playing this opening, this will be a huge help. Do you have anything vs Smith Morra Gambit when playing HAD? Never sure what to play there. Now gonna watch your KID stuff

  11. Nice master james your video is much helpful to me coz im scillian player hehe

  12. A kid at my chess club got me with this sequence 14:44 the first day I joined. Instructive moment. He looked at me like he couldn't believe someone my age wouldn't know that about the HAD.

  13. Yo I just started playing OTB in tournaments and just broke 1500 from just YOUR LESSONS!! I can’t thank you enough bro I even got the lessons from Roman’s Lab! You a real one for helping so many players 🙏

  14. this much better than the normal dragon or the accelerated dragon

  15. Just got on your page today, and the first video I see is my favorite opening as black, let’s gooo!!

  16. I like this system but it is really hard to learn I keep getting destroyed using it but thanks for the video it defo helped me

  17. Instead of Black3: Nc6, what about 3:Nf6? Would this not entice white to then play 4:Nc3; thus, preventing the Maróczy Bind?

  18. Do you find the accelerated dragon more fun or to have higher success % than the kangz indian

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