Chess Openings: If You’re a Hippopotamus Defense Player, DON’T Fall for this Trap!


Chess Openings: If You’re a Hippopotamus Defense Player, DON’T Fall for this Trap!

The Hippopotamus Defense is one of the best chess openings for black, and one of the best chess openings for white as well! The Hippopotamus Defense uses good chess strategy, chess tricks, chess ideas, chess moves, chess principles, chess tactics, chess theory, chess lines, and chess variations. However, there is one chess opening trap that the chess player can use against the Hippopotamus Defense, and that is what we look to warn you about in this video! So much of chess isn’t just learning how to win fast, but also not losing! It’s not all about tricks and traps to win games fast, but also what chess opening traps to watch out for! The Hippopotamus Defense is good for beginner chess players, intermediate chess players, and advanced players! It has great chess opening ideas, chess opening strategy, and chess opening principles which can help you win at chess and improve at chess quickly! We hope you enjoy learning what NOT to do in the Hippopotamus Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Hippopotamus Defense!
Chess Openings: The Hippopotamus Defense is Good for White too!
Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Hippopotamus Defense… as Played by Simon Williams!

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  1. I'm new to chess and have been playing the hippo since I can use it with both colors, but since the opening is so long to set up the main problem I've been having is peeps getting in my face before I'm set up. Very annoying. Thanks for the advice.

  2. I don't think any system is completely foolproof- we still have to be flexible and react to what the opponent is doing. For this one, I think it is very similar to the Hedgehog, I feel a sense of urgency to e6 and castle, leave the queenside knight for later. Played this way it's more like the King's Indian, whose main objective seems to castle as quick as possible.

  3. Maybe d6, fianchetto kingside, e6, kingside knight out then castle. Then fianchetto the other side, then your other hippo pawns, then the queen's knight. Yep, this gives you more of a King's Indian kind of position with slightly different pawns and a weird knight. . I will test it against the bots that way.

  4. Thank you for posting this excellent video. It has been my experience that I rarely fall into traps when playing the Hippo. The questions I have about about the Hippo are – whether and when to castle queen side or king side, and how to best launch an attack on my opponent's king. Often I wait for my opponent to castle, then castle opposite side, and then start to pawn storm my opponent's king, and position my pieces to point at squares near my opponent's king. This often works because at my rating level my opponents just make mistakes. But as my rating rises I am pretty sure I will need to be more precise in attacking my opponent's king.

  5. Hopefully you guys dont have to suffer like i did ! Great video haha

  6. Yeah thanks for this can you also make a video against the austrian attack on how hippo players will respond. The first game in eric briffoz book of the hippo system is a good example the first one on austrian chapter game.
    Also thanks for making this clear in the book of pafu the begginers game this is one of the early attacks the opponent to disrupt the hippo but usually prevents it with either rook pawn advance or center pawn advance.

  7. Good stuff, as usual. Never tried the Hippo,but I like how you can fool white into thinking your going for a Pirc and then you don't. Since I don't play well, I'd like to employ the psychological aspects as much as possible 😂

  8. I didn't even know that this is the hippo defense, but i've played against it many times. I never knew about this trap though, I can't wait to use it!

  9. As a chess player who ONLY plays Hippo, I move the inner pawns first, then the A and H pawns, which prevents the knights from advancing and lets me move reactively from there without worrying about gambits.

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