Chess openings – King’s Indian Defence

Chess openings – King’s Indian Defence
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  1. Advice: Have fun! Answer to is it odd: No I don't think so, but it wouldn't matter if it were odd of course. You say you like English with White and love sharp openings with Black. What's wrong with liking and enjoying? 🙂

  2. wait wait wait why this kind of defence is good but it didn't have many developments?

  3. I'm not sure I understand? White develops more slowly in the King's Indian Defense than in other defenses, whereas Black actually develops pieces quite rapidly! But what do you mean?

  4. im still losing 99.9 percent of my chess games-_-

  5. Oh my.. I was watching this video to get an idea of what positions I enjoy. Last night and I noticed that with openings like the english, closed scilian and french I noticed a few things at school and online I did better, I felt safe positionally with pawn chains and piece movement, finally i still retain the ability to play sharp and once im out of the book i do well in the middle game because I can evaluate the postions and calculate my position after the fireworks have settled

  6. i think that what he means is that the indian defence you do amost the same moves, it doesnt have variety. I think its a great defence vs the english opening or the queens pown openning same as the nimzo-indian defence

  7. Thank you for the suggestion, 5.Nf3 is most popular and definitely important to look at if one intends to play this as Black

  8. In all your videos you pronounce fianchetto with "ch", which is well, logical. But word its pronounced with "k", like "car" 😀 Its italian word

  9. The 4 pawns from white looks funny to me. looks like White is charging in ready to steam roll his opponent with that lol. As white, I sometimes play against the kings indian but I haven't tried pushing 4 pawns up. I usually get my other knight into play and fianchetto my bishop as well but I haven't studied up on this opening as much as I probably should and theres a lot of variations in the kings indian defense. Great video!!!

  10. Yes, I've gone through this discussion a few times over a decade's time but ultimately I have heard that both are acceptable. Not sure though!

  11. Thank you! I also prefer more restrained approaches as White

  12. Great smile great video keep up the great work!

  13. I was reading your articles part i and partii on how to pick a chess opening, and you say to pick one thats more main stream. My question is do I pick one such as the english, and kings defense or should I focus on one for both attack and defensive moves? (beginner chess player).

  14. I have to laugh – I had forgotten about these articles! 🙂 I'm having some trouble interpreting the question you are asking but I will say that I no real general advice comes to mind. I can at least say that there are many approaches and as a beginning player almost everything you do to learn more can help you improve … especially if you enjoy what you're doing! Best of luck

  15. i have been trying to learn this opening but i cant get it. i think it is very counter-intuitive, when i try this i get completly lost and i have no idea what to do. nice video though and please make more videos on the king indian defense

  16. I can show these videos to beginners, and while they still might be a bit lost, they're able to get the general gist after one viewing. Chess theory can be very esoteric, but this video breaks everything down and derives each move, versus saying: "well that's just the way it is." It is always more important to understand "why," and not just "what." This video is a great example of effective teaching techniques, whether in the realm of chess or otherwise. Thank you Dereque.

  17. Its amazing, how good you can describe the moves!
    Finally someone, who reveals, why GM's are doing the moves, they do.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  18. The right way to pronunce fianchetto is with the k sound! So it's fiankhetto. "Fianchetto" is an Italian word and "ch" makes a "k" sound in Italian, as in "king", NOT as in "cheese".

  19. these are great informative videos keep making them and keep rollin.

  20. Great videos Dereque. Well explained and very useful. And like the catchphrase: 'Let's take a look!'

  21. On 3.11 what if c5 it'll strike an attack on pawn structure and it will weaken the kingside right?

  22. hi dereque, as you point out starting at 1:36 in the video, black cedes center control to white in this defense. engine analysis appears to show that black cannot overcome this disadvantage unless white makes a mistake. i am curious to know what you think of that. you can find my results online by googling "comparing chess openings part 3". thank you for all your opening videos. they are very professionally done and i find them very helpful.

  23. Im begginer at chess but am i right that this line looks similar to Sicilian Dragon.. mostly in king side with moves like fiancheto bishop etc. ??

  24. Hello, Dereque, I have really benefited from your videos. I would really like to see your views on the Old Indian, if you are wondering what to do next. best wishes.

  25. It's wierd how his head is black but his arms are white.

  26. Hmmm, I was wondering, what's you favorite variation of Sicilian?

  27. Firstly, thank you Dereque for all you have taught me. Your videos are incredibly useful for beginner/intermediate players and you have helped my rating improve very rapidly on!

    My question is at 3:27 why is c5 so dangerous? If after c5 dxc5 and Qd8xQd1 (sorry if I don't know the proper notation) then nxd1 why is this so bad for white? Or am I missing something?

    I'My question may seem amatuerish but please take note that your videos have made me a much more proficient player! =) Your enthusiasm for the game and your dedication towards teaching are very admirable and you have kept me interested throughout my learning experience. I hope this message serves to inform you that you are of great value to a great many people.

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