Chess openings – King’s Indian Defence

Chess openings – King’s Indian Defence
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  1. Is there a version of this without white doing the four pawns attack?

  2. very good i enjoyed your vid could you do something on the stonewall thanx

  3. @MrEmanuel1223 Thank you! In a little while I'll be doing a video on the Dutch but haven't decided yet whether or not to cover the Stonewall in it. I'll keep your suggestion to cover the Stonewall in mind! -Dereque

  4. I just discovered these video's but I've watched them all! lol

  5. @tesfe thank you! i'm so glad to hear this -Dereque

  6. really helpful…i was preparing for a white player who plays an agressive 4 pawns player…. I smashed him with this e5 sac!!! thanks for evertthing

  7. Awesome! I think this …e5 sac is a great idea, I'm glad it worked out so well for you 🙂 -Dereque

  8. could you make a video on how to play against the fienchetto variation please.

  9. Hmm, the Fianchetto Variation is really complicated since both sides have so many options. But it's a really interesting variation so I'll have to see if I what I can do!

  10. Just jumping back into Chess for the first time since I was a kid. These videos all really have an easy to understand lesson in all of them. I definitely think you should take some extra time and go through with a few more variations on all these openings. If someone looking for chess advice gets bored from a 15+ minute video, then they clearly don't have the stamina for a battle of wits with a real GM as skilled as Dereque. But I'm sure you don't have all day to cover chess 101 with us all. Lol

  11. I normally don't do a double comment but 500 characters is kind of limited when trying to describe such a well put together chess instructional video. Definitely top quality work here keeping chess relevant in the modern era while articulating the lessons flawlessly. You would think a free video would not be of such quality, but you can tell just from the way you present yourself that it is rhetoric that you know what you are talking about. Thanks for the effort put into these videos Dereque.

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment! I'm really glad you enjoy the videos and evaluate them as high-quality. The suggestion about looking at more variations is noted 🙂 Mostly I'm trying to keep it pared down so an essential lesson can shine through. -Dereque

  13. @ 6.50 you forget that white can take with the knight on f3—>> white´s better

  14. Another great video, Dereque! I look forward to any other videos you might share with us on the KID. If I might suggest a possible topic, how about the Bayonet Attack and how to play against it as black? Thank you very much!

  15. The Bayonet Attack sounds great, I'll note this suggestion! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 -Dereque

  16. @ 3:26 Would the move … c5 by black be considered a pawn sacrifice? Because Na6 could be met by Na4, then maybe Bd7, but the knight on a4 would be defended by the queen. Also Nf3 would make it hard to attack the e5 pawn as well. Maybe I just didn't look deep enough into the position it seems?

  17. This could be viewed as a temporary pawn sacrifice after 8.Nf3 c5 9.dxc5 Qxd1+ 10.Nxd1. But the pawns on e5 and c5 are so weak that it's impossible for White to hold them. Just 10…Nd7 would be enough but more accurate would be 10….Nc6! 11.Bf4 Nc7! with the idea of 12…Ne6. In any case, this is all kind of crazy for White 🙂

  18. Ahh, I may have wanted to mention this move, but I do not think that White is better after 9…c5! The position is very sharp but I believe that Black has the advantage. I just now saw this comment! -Dereque

  19. And after the Bayonet Attack it would be nice to get some instruction on the Saemisch. I heard it was a very difficult variation for black to acheve good results. Keep up the good work.

  20. Dereque, you know what I love about you and your videos? You actually take time out of your busy schedule to actually answer your fan questions instead of telling us to go fire up Houdini or Rybka like "some" channels. You have no clue how much it means to me that you address me personally. Also Dereque, I started out a 1200 player, I have improved to 1600 and I dedicate it your videos. Thank you so much Dereque and keep up the fantastic work! :3

  21. I am learning new openings as a 1900 uscf rated player, and prefer openings which are very complex and tactical like the Spanish and Sicilian, which I play from both sides. I am trying to decide on what to play as black vs. 1.d4. I am torn currently between the Slav and the KID. given my rating and style preference, do you have a recommendation? I would consider other openings as well of course.

  22. Congratulations for your willingness to take on complex and tactical openings! The Slav and/or KID could work quite nicely, though you will want to probably play the "Semi-Slav" and not the Slav Proper or 4…a6 Slav. Personally, I shy away from the KID since it is theoretically dangerous and many d4-players have a hobby of trying to study and beat the KID. There is also no shortage of complexity in the Nimzo-Indian or Grunfeld. So pick your poison! Is there anything further you'd like to know?

  23. wow… what a prompt reply!!!! I am indeed strongly considering the Semi-Slav and the Slav, sometimes transposing to a Semi-Slav from the Slav… I really appreciate your input! for myself personally, I do not care for giving up the center as often happens in the Grunfeld, and the Nimzo/Queen's Indian structures are not to my taste, while the Slavic structures very much are., Perhaps one day soon you will do a video on the Semi-Slav, which will be as outstanding as all your others!!!! Thanks!!!!

  24. Quick question is it odd as a player I like to play more positional like the english with the white pieces and I love sharp openings like the french winawar variation and the scilian dragon. Also advice because in jaunary I will be active with the local chess club

  25. Sharp openings like the french and dragon for black*

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