Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Benoni Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Benoni Defense!

The Benoni Defense is one of the best chess openings for black against d4. The Benoni is strong because of its good chess opening strategy, chess opening theory, chess opening principles, and chess opening ideas. Let’s face it, most d4 players want a quiet game with black getting zero attacking chances! Well, the Benoni Defense throws all of that boring chess right out the window. We look to take the d4 player out of it’s comfort zone by playing good hypermodern chess right from the start. There are many different lines and variations of the Benoni including the Modern Benoni, Czech Benoni, Old Benoni, and Benko Gambit. In today’s video, we will be covering the Modern Benoni, which is the most popular variation at the Grandmaster level. The Benoni Defense is simply a top tier chess opening that is great for the beginner chess player. Why is this? The Benoni can teach you how to play chess, win games fast, and improve at chess quickly. The Benoni Defense is also a great chess opening for intermediate players who are looking to improve their repertoire against d4. The moves, ideas, principles, strategy, theory, lines, variations, tactics, tricks, and traps of the Benoni are second to none. The Benoni Defense can help you learn how to win at chess by fighting for the center of the board, activating the pieces, and putting pressure on the opponent’s king. If you are looking for a chess opening against d4, the Benoni Defense might be for you! The number of chess opening tricks and traps make this a very exciting chess opening to play. The amount of potential lines and variations also make it a difficult opening to navigate with the white pieces, especially if the d4 player has not studied all of the chess opening theory. It is a top tier chess opening option that has stayed relevant for decades, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Benoni Defense, a great chess opening for black against d4!

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  2. Nice video! I always play the Benko gambit against D4 but the modern Benoni seems more than playable!! Thanks for all your efforts!

  3. Thanks a lot.however, there is any playble gambit vs london system for black?

  4. In the bishop takes b5 line and the knight goes to e4 blacks queen goes to a5 check. What's stopping them from playing knight back to c3 protecting the bishop?

  5. I'm a bononi player and I loved this video. One of the best I've seen. Keep up the get work and people won't know if your name is referring to your hight or your sub count.

  6. Great channel! I really like the Benoni but only when Nf3 is played before f4. Many lines of the Benoni play f4 first and it’s a totally different game. I play the Nimzo to d4 but if white plays Nf3 instead of Nc3 I can go for the Benoni or Queens Indian. You offer some very interesting concepts that I will certainly try out. Regarding your video on the KID it would be wonderful to see more on that since 6:47 really isn’t enough time to cover all the options available for white to choose from that could get the KID practitioner in lots of trouble very quickly. I’m using many of your openings and they have added loads of fun to my chess. Saw you on coffee chess and it was a hoot! That’s a great channel too.

  7. THANK YOU for this video! I love playing benoni!

  8. Great will you make videos on analysing history games or latest games.

  9. What is an opening against e4 where you have a lot of space and which isnt one of the main lines like caro kann or sicilian?

  10. Hey Solomon I think you forgot to add the links to the Old Benoni and Frence defense videos at the end.

  11. i love old bennoni my favorite opening with black

  12. These variations are completely new for me, especially the b5 pawn sacrifice lines. Definitely gonna study it in some depth. Great video as always. 👍🏼

  13. Drink a shot every time he says "really"

  14. The Benoni is so annoying to play against, I hate it, it looks like if you make one mistake black can get a pretty quick iniciative. So I said to myself, you know what, lets add this wonderfull weapon to my repertoire, I want to be on the black side of this. Thanks for the video.

  15. Thank you, i see you are getting close to 10k subs so congrats in advance

  16. Hi solomon big fan here had a query about chess. So i started chess last year and now I am 1020 rated fide how do i get up the rating ladder like by doing puzzles or learn endgames. Anyway big fan as always

  17. this video has better quality then a lot of Gotham's openings videos. Good job

  18. Where's the Evans gambit video you promessed?

  19. What would you think of the Vulture defence?

  20. What would you think of the Vulture defence?

  21. i think i have a new weapon agaisnt d4 players!

  22. Would like to see a follow up where white does what I believe is the main line, where f4 is played before Nf3.

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