Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Caro-Kann Defense!

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0:00 Introduction
0:37 What Most Play Against Main Line
2:32 My Recommendation (4. …Nf6)
5:01 What Most Play Against Advance Variation
6:13 My Recommendation (Gurgenidze System)
11:25 Exchange Variation

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  1. Bro im not able to play against alien gambit. Plz help

  2. Thank you again for your thoughtful explanations. I love your channel. It is a really rich with meaningful information on how to play great chess. ♟️

  3. jeesh! eric rosen beats the f out of the main line. He is merciless with that 2 Kn attack relentless. The CK is all beaten up by the 2 Kn.

  4. Could you consider doing a video covering the fantasy variation because it’s a super unique and aggressive way to play against the caro.

  5. What a great recommendation against the advanced, thank you!

  6. Love this new idea in the advance caro👌🏻🔥

  7. Would you ever consider doing a video on either the Queen’s Gambit Declined: Forgotten Variation? Or if you wanted to get really crazy, the Anderssen Opening: Hippo Attack?

  8. Hi Solomon. Its been a long time. Its my fav opening so thought of paying u a visit once again. Hope u r doing well.

  9. This is the best positional gameplay of an opening that every player must play right now. Asap team subscribe guys!

  10. Once again, thank you, I appreciate this in depth look.

  11. Another great video. I avoided playing the Caro Kann for years, for many of the reasons you mentioned. Then I recently discovered the Gurgenidze System, which you covered here in the advance variation (without using that name). I also ran into a very instructive series of speedruns by Daniel Naroditsky and Alex Banzea. Now the Caro Kann is my go-to response to 1.e4. The Caro Kann has a well deserved reputation for being boring and drawish, but exciting tactical games are quite possible. /// I am really looking forward to a future video on the Urusov Gambit that you recently hinted at.

  12. Against the Classical Variation, I like to play the main line, delay castle and go for a queenside attack, but it's true that White has an easier game.
    I'll try your propositions, thx for the stuff Solomon !
    The Gurgenidze is nice but I often get the same positions in the Advance with more flexibility due to the light-squared bishop (h5 a great idea in the Advance overall, indeed) so I'm gonna stick to what I play 😉
    I agree with your ideas in the Exchange, and against the Panov it's fun to place you bishop on e6, blocking your pawn but tricky for blacks, but you have to be careful against Qb3 !

  13. I appreciate showing multiple lines depebding on what the opponent plays. I think you did a good job in this video. I think it is good

  14. Great video. I agree with you, putting the bishop on f5 is awful. I would rather put my knight on that square. As for my bishop I put it on g4 and exchange it for the knight on f3. I am much more comfortable playing it this way. Thanks again.

  15. Im going to be honest,i can't stand the caro kann…Just does not click with me.Anyone see it at the top level more than any off beat ones? (Hippo,alekhine,ownen's) Nah…this and the french,just can't see it with those opening's,That's just my opinion….

  16. Great video! As a Caro player, I really like the Gurgenidze System against advanced. Honestly, the most problems I have against fantasy variation, so I hope for a new video with Fantasy 🙂 Cheers, bro!!!

  17. Great video Solomon! Since taking up the CK, my score as black has never been better. One interesting line I like and use against the Panov is to stick my bishop on e6 and then fianchetto./castle on the kingside. That bishop on e6 may look ugly at first but it usually ends up very useful.

  18. SOLOMON an Outstanding Video here presented in a reaffirmation manner as to be practiced in games at my Club immediately. Shared to Great Chess Friends in Spain & the UK. As Always very grateful and doing all I'm able to support. I watch your work nightly! As always Blessings your way from Oregon with positive Vibes and hopefulness for your well earned major successes, Blessings Pal, .. Mike.

  19. Hello Solomon, thanks for your videos! I have a question about these openings, but first I m sorry to say I m descovering I'm silly… just keeping bullet, but I lost more and more day after day… I know I should stop and play rapid or better classical… just so sad I get angry and exagerately involved 🙁 … at least I m going back to other of your videos and trying some longer games…. sorry for the sad story

  20. For the main line in the beginning I ran the best moves using stockfish and backs king is left far more vulnerable than white because of that annoying H pawn. It's easy to see why you decided to stray away from that line.

  21. Thank you so much i wouldn't have given the Carokann another shot if it wasn't for your advance recommendation

  22. Why don’t you have a king’s gambit tutorial?

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