Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Colle System!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Colle System!

In today’s chess opening video, we cover how to play the Colle System, also called the Zukertort System, which is one of the strongest chess opening setups white can play. The Colle System is very similar to the London System, the difference being our dark squared bishop. In the London System, we immediately throw our bishop into the action, while with the Colle System, we hold that bishop back and keep it as a potential attacking piece. Why is it called the Colle System, and not the Colle Opening? With chess openings, there is a ton of reading and reacting. Examples of this include chess openings for white such as the Evan’s Gambit, Scotch Gambit, Italian Game, Bishop’s Opening, Vienna Game, and the list goes on. With chess openings such as these, we make a move, and then watch what our opponent will play. For example, if we play e4, we have to watch out for the French Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, etc. How we play changes a ton based off of what our opponent does. However, with a chess opening system, we don’t really care what our opponent plays. Examples of this include the Hippopotamus Defense, Crab Opening, London System, and Colle System! With the Colle System, we form a pawn pyramid, naturally develop our pieces, and achieve a solid middlegame position that is hard to beat. The Colle System is a good chess opening option for beginner chess players and intermediate chess players as it has good chess opening strategy, chess opening ideas, chess opening moves, and chess opening principles. In addition, there is little memorizing of lines and variations in the Colle System, which makes it extremely easy to learn. The Colle System can help you learn how to play chess at a high level, and how to win games fast. We hope you d4 players enjoy learning how to play the Colle System!

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  1. i just got destroyed by someone who played this against me so thats why im here lmao

  2. What if instead of rook E8 black plays pawn C4? Our structure crumbles…

  3. I feel there is a lot of weakness on the king side with this. A strong player will force open the board.

  4. What if 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Bf5, what's the plan? 🤔thx

  5. You are one of the few people that covers a wide variety of openings, including dubious ones. Not saying the Colle System is dubious, it isn't, it's solid.

  6. Great video!
    Just one question, after you go Bd3 and the opponent responds with c4, do you simply play Bc2? Or is there anything better?

  7. It really is jiu jitsu on board…good thing I'm a blue belt! #BJJ

  8. I’ve played the first 3 moves of the Colle system for years without explicitly knowing its theory. Move 4 I usually play C4. Sometimes my opponent will capture it which allows for recapture by my bishop, also opening castling options very early into the game. Great video.

  9. I really like the zukertort opening but what if black fianchetto his dark squared bishop in 3rd or 4th moves after we play e3? Since we block our dark squared bishop with the pawn, i generally have a problem in that kind of situation. And also our valuable light's squared bishop's diagonal is closed in that way. What should be our response?

  10. 7:40 Im kinda new to the game, but why wouldnt he play kf7? its discovered double check and forks the rook queen king! thanks for helping me learning openings!

  11. Stonewall Attack is a related option to boot.

  12. I’ve been playing the first moves of this opening for so long without knowing the theory. Thanks for the insight, appreciated

  13. The colle system has finally been played in a world championship match. Rejoice brethren

  14. In the early 1990s there was a chessplayer who was wheelchair bound at the club. Super cool guy and a 1900-ish USCF rated player. He always played the c3 Colle. Playing him was like beating your head against a wall. Eventually, I would always crack and try some dubious attack. He stayed solid, and would ALWAYS convert his endgames. Don't underestimate the c3 Colle until you are a VERY good player.

  15. White can start off playing a Colle System but, if he delays playing Nf3, it could easily turn into a Stonewall Attack by playing f4 prior to playing Nf3. Personally, I think the Stonewall Attack is just as easy to play and is a bit more aggressive.

  16. Im only 1000 elo and i blundered my white-squared bishop, but i still won since the defence is so good

  17. Its a nice transition option from tge vann ktuijs opening😁

  18. What if white takes the pawn on d4? Is it the end of the Colle System?

  19. Idk if the colle system is that good, faced it first time and obliterated it

  20. what about c4, I saw one of capablanca's game with c4

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