Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Larsen’s Opening!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Larsen’s Opening!

The Larsen’s Opening (also called the Larsen Opening, Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack, and Nimzo-Larsen Attack!) is one of the strongest chess openings for white. White could play chess openings like the Ruy Lopez, Scotch Gambit, Evan’s Gambit, Danish Gambit, King’s Gambit, Italian Game, Fried Liver Attack, Giuoco Piano, Three Knights Game, Catalan Opening, Queen’s Gambit, London System, English Opening, Bird’s Opening, and many more! However, most of these chess openings black is usually well prepared for! How can we surprise our opponent and still play high level chess? In today’s chess openings video, we cover the Larsen’s Opening, which is one of the best chess openings for white. Why is this? The Larsen’s Opening fights for the center of the board while not going into a main opening line. We could play the English Opening or Queen’s Gambit, but nearly every chess player has seen this. The Larsen’s Opening is very similar to the Owen’s Defense except for being up a tempo. The Larsen’s Opening is a good chess opening option for beginner level chess players as there are chess opening tricks to win fast. It is a top tier chess opening as players like Magnus Carlsen have had much success with it. The Larsen’s Opening has an astounding level of chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, and chess opening principles. The Larsen’s Opening might just be the most underrated chess opening for white. It can help you win games fast without making any mistakes or errors, as we simply follow good chess strategy. In addition, by playing the Larsen’s Opening, we take the game into our court. Black may usually play top tier chess openings for black such as the French Defense, Scandinavian Defense, Sicilian Defense, or Caro-Kann Defense. However, when playing against the Larsen’s Opening, all of this chess knowledge goes right out the window, which makes the Larsen’s Opening very hard to play against. It is also a good chess opening for intermediate players as it is easy to learn and can help you withstand chess players at the master and grandmaster level. The Larsen’s Opening might be my favorite chess opening for white, and we hope that you enjoy learning how to play the Larsen’s Opening!

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  1. a good Lesson, with a silky voice and pleasant Intonation make it easy to listen. I like this opening but have always problems when black answer with 1. d5 and than c 5. Do you have a successful strategy ??

  2. I've tried new concept and pretty successfully for my joy. And it appears to transfer to Nimzo- Larsen attack! 😃 And I just sack' the Larsen's (white) Bishop 😁

  3. Hi, you didn't explain in your videos the most critical line for White. When black plays 1. … d5, 2. … Cf6, 3. … Af5. Can you tell us how to play against it, please?

  4. I will never be the best or even a good player and because of this I decided to only learn and focus on the stuff that was on the edge of chess theory and uncommon so I can get a win off of better players once in a while. I don't care about beating the people I can beat consistently I care about the gems I can grab against the people I shouldn't.

  5. It's a crime you don't have more views and subscribers. I'm a 600 Elo noob and your videos have really helped me!

  6. Honestly, I don't think it's fair to examine 1. b3 without considering 1. b3 e5 2. Bb2 Nc6 3. e3 d5 4. Bb5 Bd6. This is probably Black's strongest. If5. f4 Qh4+ 6. g3 Qe7 7. Nf3 f6or just5. Nf3 f6This is the reason I don't play 1. b3.

  7. One of whites best options for starting moves imo. leads to super fun sharp games and black can get into a lot of trouble if they don’t know how to handle it

  8. Nice. It is a very nice opening when they play e5! But have you got a video with the d5 defence? That is the most common reply I find. Also, the opponents often try to fiancetto their dark or white bishop in a kind of mirror

  9. I love your videos keep up the absolutely amazing work ❤❤

  10. Thanks for the content as always. I end up learning a ton from these videos, some of the best explanations I've found all over Youtube. Some video ideas for the future could include the Hungarian opening (1. g3), the King's Indian Attack with white, or maybe even a series on something like the Ruy Lopez or the Najdorf!

  11. Please also include '1.b3' and 'Nimzo Larsen attack' in the title so that it reaches more people

  12. Awesome Video.I learn Variety of openings from your videos.

  13. Umm,
    TBH I think you should just play the hippo but thank you for the video 👍🏻

  14. Solomon is the best teacher in youtube thaks fir improving my skills

  15. Your videos are good, but one suggestion: the big drawback of your videos is that you only portray as if position is good for one side. It would be better if you can show the best moves for both sides… like… in this video, you could have included how can black deal with Nimzo Larsen…

  16. I have sort of played it: I usually would play 1.Nf3 to stunt any e5 by Black, then play 2.b3. And like you said, Owen's with a move in hand. If you played Larsens and Owens for a month, you'd learn the middlegame patterns of strategy. The tactics, I would no doubt learn the hard way(that way I remember). Thanks, Solomon. P.S. I noticed in the chessgames of Mark Duckworth, that he has played a lot of Richter-Veresovs. Clearly his Classical repertoire differs from his Coffee Chess blitz reportoire, with all those Grobs. Anyhow, best wishes and safe travels.

  17. This is a very well made video Solomon, I've been a long term viewer and I recently hit 700 because of you, you are one of the many reasons I love this game so much, so many interesting openings! Keep it up. It what be a good video idea on what makes a good opening, which openings you should ignore, and some dubious lines in popular openings.

  18. Another great video! Hey just a request (so take it fwiw) but I really like it when you throw in a real game at the end to demonstrate the new opening being used!! Thanks man

  19. Would you consider making a video on the Portuguese Opening please? Not the Scandinavian Variation called the Portuguese Gambit, I’m talking about the actual opening. 1.e4 e5 2.Bb5 there’s also a really neat gambit that goes like 2…Nf6 3.d4! but the main line is 2…c6 3.Ba4
    If you made a video on this opening, you’d be the first on YouTube to do so. And I don’t think the opening is entirely bad so I wonder why it isn’t more popular.

  20. Great video, thanks for sharing! I'm curious… Would this opening still work if black opens with D5 instead of E5? Or if not, what would you move into from there?

  21. small bit of feedback. Would love to see the algebraic notation on the board. Makes it sometimes easier to spot moves or see what ur talking about. especially for beginner players.

  22. Opening coming from our very own kababayan. Thank you dude for covering this opening

  23. You are really good at explaining this opening you just earned a sub keep up the good work

  24. Great presentation, I would love to see more on this opening from you.

  25. Been studying this video for a couple of weeks, now. Time to try it in a game!

  26. I played 1. b3 for a while, but find it kinda hard to get something substantial with White.

  27. This video is one of best i have seen for learning. I am currently watching videos, playing puzzles and games but feel i am doing a scatter gun approach to learning.

    Is there a better format for learning, ie; should i first learn a lot of openings for white and counters for black, should i study end games more or watch older games, which is best order I should be learning please?

  28. Been playing the London, but tried this opening because of this video. It has worked surprisingly well. Keep up the great work!

  29. My first time watching your content. You have a nice way of talking.

  30. Nice job ! Will you add the classical variation 1… d5 ?

  31. Since the nimzo larsen can transpose into the hippo defense, it would be nice to know when it might be best to do just that, if at all. Both are fun to play.

  32. One od the most usefull clear and clarified chess vids ever, good job!

  33. Nimzo larsen really gives you a lot of versatility and attacking principles.

  34. Great video!!! I would like a video about the kings fianchetto opening

  35. Great lesson! Playing this opening about a year, found many new ideas in this video. Thanks!

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