Chess openings – Najdorf Sicilian

Chess openings – Najdorf Sicilian Defence
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  1. crystal clear; perfect combination of concepts and detail

  2. I was told this is the best response to the king pawn opening 😉

  3. You really love White pieces, don't you? Even while explaining Sicilian, you are showing from White's perspective 🙂

  4. hey! i love your teaching way! can u teach us full najdrof line and c4 from white and a wanderfull video master

  5. Good job. Good video. The move e5, removing the knight is also seen in boleslavsky's classical approach, in the classical Sicilian. I kinda find it funny. Considering I'm studying it 🙂

  6. Thanks Dereque! At 10:50 why not b5 for Black, keeping white bishop out of c4? Too slow in development?

  7. Great video, will definitely start using the najdorf!

  8. I lov u video is simple but important n to th point….

  9. Kelly sir any iOS app which is developed by honourable Dereque Kelly

  10. Thank you!!!! These Sicilian videos (Dragon, Najdorf, and the Open Sicilian) are so helpful. Now i have a greater understanding of how the Sicilian opening works.

  11. 3:06 What about Nd2, then choosing to fianchetto the dark squared bishop?

  12. Thank you very much NM Dereque Kelly really good explanation .

  13. Great bro, your lesson is very useful in all time……. Sandeep from India.

  14. I currently play Sicilian and I would really like to see a video about Scheveningen Variation which is Black playing 5)…e6. However, I think it doesn’t matter too much because black nearly always plays the useful a6 move later in the game. BUT I need some answers about Open Sicilian. In ANY stage of the game if White tries to challange Black’s b7-b5 advance by playing a2-a4, what should I do? I know that we need to keep b5 square under control to keep the White pieces away from there so we cannot just wait and capture back with our a6 pawn on b5. Do we push our pawn to challenge the c3 knight, or capture b5-a4 right away? I don’t like giving White an open a-file after they capture with their rook. And sometimes they push b2-b4 and then a2-a4. I really need some advice about this. AND when I play Sicilian some people play the very, very different move 2)Bf4. If that’s a wrong move by White, please tell me the way to punish it. People often play 2)Bf4 against me and I want to know how to play along this move. Thanks so much.

  15. Nicely explained! You are a good coach.

  16. Finally found it! A quick video that actually explains WHY each of the first 5 moves is played

  17. You are an excellent teacher and I hope you will become a GM of all time!

  18. As White, I prefer the old-school Najdorf with 6. Bg5.

  19. Played it yesterday, this video helped me a lot. Thank you so much Dereque !

  20. Really excellent video, but sometimes you're a little bit to fast for non native English speakers. Just let us a second more to translate; it's challenging enough to understand what's going on without a delay caused by translation 😎

  21. I like the way you explain the rationale behind every move and the consequences of playing alternatives.

  22. Thank you for teaching us some openings in chess

  23. I think your videos are pure gold!
    Openings for me has always been a big issue.
    I can't memorize moves.
    I much rather understand the reasoning of it.
    Thanks so much for these.

  24. this video just helped me win a game with 92.4% accuracy! loved it!

  25. My main take away is that he has a very friendly smile

  26. Great video, but I’ve been struggling for one line for so long
    e4 c5
    Nf3 d6
    Bc4. I don’t know how to react and it’s so frustrating 😩. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  27. My go to place to get ‘the big picture view’ of a chess opening. Thank you!

  28. if you want to get a better grip on d4 play the zagreb variation with g3

  29. Hello, dear friend very nice upload. Have a nice day!!! big like for you my new friend!

  30. What happened to this guy? Where did he go?

  31. Great stuff!! I can't believe you had all these videos 9 years ago already!!
    Incredible video and incredibly instructive!! Thank you!!

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