Chess Openings – Pirc

Chess openings – Pirc
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  1. Hi there ! I like the Way you explain your thoughts. Your Passion is going to inspire everyone, especially Beginners and the Youth . Keep on goin ! Do u have some Thoughts about the chinese Attack against the Pirc? (4.Be2 and 5.g4) Thx !

  2. First time I see a Black skin chess player. And he is 100% Gay. Lol.

  3. Love the content; love the defense style. Liked and subscribed πŸ™‚

  4. Should be named 150 attack. Great Video!

  5. Hey, I just have a quick question, when the Knight is developed to c6 what would be black's ideal response to d5?

  6. Explanation is so good..This made me to understand easily..It inspired me a lot..Excellent Teacher…Thanks a lot for this video…

  7. Another excellent lesson. Thank you Dereque!

  8. im playing the pirc defense inverting the King and the queen with e4 – d6 – Any White move – Kd7 – … – Qe8 – … Kd8 (LOL) …Just playing something different…

  9. you keep on saying that white will castle kingside but he castles queenside….great vid though

  10. At 2:08, you mention that black wins material by attacking both pawns, but can't white just go f4 and defend the one by moving the other? I guess I don't know that would play out, but just noticed this as I was watching.

  11. As somebody who only got his first official chess titles this year, ACM first, then AFM Arena FIDE Master, I still feel it's always beneficial to watch these kinds of videos and refresh these ideas into your mind. It's amazing how many times you can learn from such instructional videos, especially with a very enthusiastic teacher. Good work.

  12. Just wanted to say thanks for the video Dereque. Your videos are my go to when researching or deciding on using a new opening to get an idea of the strategies.

  13. What is the best defence for black against the pirc defence?

  14. 8:02 instead of a6, how about b5?
    If Nxb5 Rb8

    With many ideas like Nb4 then to a2
    And Qd7….

  15. great presentation, the only sad thing is that after watching this i feel like pirc must be the worst opening ever. I know it isn't, so maybe we need another video showing its strengths πŸ˜‰

  16. lmao very good demonstration, but idk which side your trying to help black or white? you've unraveled quite alot within 12mins thanks!

  17. everytime black plays g6 and castles kingside, I plan a pawn storm there

  18. Ur tutorials are awesome.. in depth tutorials would be more helpful

  19. What if you don't make bishop d4-e3 move and play night e3-b5 move ???

  20. Might be too passive for beginners. White can run Black over pretty easily if a beginner players this.

  21. do you recommend using the pirc defense anyway? in my experience it’s a pretty decent opening unless white uses the Australian attack

  22. What a marvelous job… Well done man… Thank you very much from Brazil… Keep going !!!

  23. This channel is always my first stop when learning about a new opening for a quick overview.

  24. Im just beggining to learn chess but what is the difference between the Pirc defence and the kings indian?

  25. ur the shit! im getting ready for the orlando open RN. c't study enough

  26. Any suggestions on how to deal with the f4 3 pawn Austrian attack by white? I have difficulty with them shutting down e5 for black. I've tried c5 but little success.

  27. PRK ? WTF !!? … πŸ™‚ Vasja Pirc ( a Slovenian GM ) – Pirc is pronounc. like "PEERTZ" and no "PRK" !!…

  28. So the conclusion is that it's better not to play the Pirc as Black? I really wanted to start playing Pirc but this is not giving lots of hope for the Black player, since White gets such an easy advantage, it seems…?!?

  29. Great video brother, thank you.keep up the good work.

  30. Gave up the Pirc when everyone and their mother started playing the 150 attack

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