Chess Openings | Queen’s Gambit in ~ 18 min

The strategic ideas behind the chess openings.


  1. What if black chooses to play Bb4 instead of Nf6 ?(that's after white develops his b knight @move 5)

  2. Morsalin আরব দেশের পর্বগুলো অনেক ভালো লাগে Hossin says:

    nic tricks

  3. Compare to the King's Gambit, the Queen's Gambit is not a pure pawn sacrifice, because white can also play Qa4+ with a forthcoming recapture on c4. But no one actually does it. 🙂

  4. Finally found a channel with informative information at a pace a beginner can follow, whilst still maintaining a good quality. Thumbs up from me

  5. 1:17 simply wrong. Even if white plays accurately its still playable.
    You say its only playable because white plays it often wrong. Thats just false. Its solid period. If something would only be playable if one side makes a mistake, it would not be playable. Common knowledge.

  6. Pro tip, watch this video in 1.5x speed bc he talks so slow. It's perfect that way

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