Chess Openings: Queens Indian Defense

The Queens Indian Defense is one of the most respected and solid defenses that black has against white’s d4 opening. It is contingent on white playing Nf3 before Nc3 so you might want to have another defense as backup in case white throws you for a loop.

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  1. Is it correct to say that white is in a Grunfeld opening in the old variation?

  2. nice video intro on the queens indian…i started to play the nimzo-larsen with white in the summer and have lately been opening with N-f3 and am seeing positions in my games like the ones in your video with colours reversed…thanks again…

  3. love your videos, thx for all the insight!

  4. I like your vids a lot!
    And it's italian for "little side". As you said it's pronounced with a k-sound just like flank.

  5. Knight to c3 would also give him a major piece

  6. What if white does not plan to fianchetto his bishop?  Should you still proceed to bring out your white squared bishop?

  7. You sound dumb when you talk about openings. DO NOT LEARN OPENINGS FROM HIM. If you know opening theory, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, then you don't.

  8. People wondering about the trap: It's called Queen Amidala's trap.

  9. You don't need to say "simple development move" all the time.

  10. like your videos keep up the good work Kevin….you keep it simple and straight.

  11. @5:03 Why can't black play Nfd2 black replies with Bb4 and white plays b3. Then the c4 pawn is protected and the Queens Amidala trap too is put off

  12. What is the purpose of bringing the bishop to e7?

  13. This one is the best defense against white. Well, it's my opinion, but is very flexible. I adore to play Nimzoindian and Queen Indian Defense.

  14. what if it does not goe the way you want it

  15. Beginner here…why is it bad for white to bring the knight to d2?

  16. u dont like bishop b7? tell that to alpha zero

  17. what if the move which the opponent plays is not a book move or it is a move which is not played often? what to play then?

  18. What is the best thing to do if white pins the f6 knight to the queen with bishop to g5?

  19. Take a shot every time this dude points out that he's an aggressive player

  20. 8:14, why would black Bishop go to b4, then got chased back to e2? Would that be a waste of one move?

  21. What ifinstead of Bb4 they go d5 roght away

  22. What should you do if he did not move pawn to b3 but play Qa4 attacking the bishop can anyone answer please

  23. Ten years ago? Dang it. I'll just go check out Tal vs.. K.. sth. Fisher said this is a bad opening but how many can play like Fisher?

  24. Hold up so when is it better to play this instead of the KID?

  25. Where can I learn tactics and strategies , as I am a beginner. Should I follow any book?

  26. I'm here after watching The Queen's Gambit

  27. You should really make an update video as this video is horribly outdated now

  28. 1:25 you need to define "Fianchetto" for everyone who doesn't already know every chess term. You say this word like five times throughout the video.

  29. I dabbled with the King's Indian defense. Now it's time for the queen's.

  30. What is whites opening? It only takes a second.

  31. @thechesswebsite Great video but why didn't you include a link to the Nd2 trap video in the description for this video??

  32. This is one of the best and simple introduction to the Queens Indian Defense that I have seen on YouTube. I guess as someone said one of the benefits of this defense, is that you don't need to remember and understand deeply, all the other lines and variations associated with other responses to D4.😅

  33. I really enjoy this chap's explanations of openings, even if he does say that all rhe time.

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