Chess Openings- Reti Opening

The Reti Opening is a very flexible chess opening that can transpire into other common openings for white. Instead of controlling the center with pawns, white looks to use his minor pieces to put pressure on the center.

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  1. lets say knight go to G3 and black respond with e5 as it would be a trap for his next move,we go and play pawn to d4 as we protecting it with our knight,as you can see from here we can put pressure on the queen side and we turns from the reti opening to a queen gambit,and after we move our bishop to G5 we can turn in a queen gambit + English opening and we can also play royal Lopez and jieoko piano or whatever. and before we go for a jieoko piano we can develop our pawn e4 and trap him..

  2. jrobichess also has some on this opening (as well as Fisher's King's Indian Attack.
    Thanx for showing this, Kevin, as it is a quiet looking thing that can be used as a "tool" to break up center stands, and then slide back to King's service at g2.

  3. My opponents knight went to F3 as well…..

  4. your videos boring ass fuck!!!! Show the moves and stop talking so damn much!!

  5. It seems like every time I go Reti, I end up in KIA.

  6. @devoc911 Your great patience will make you an outstanding chess player

  7. If Nf3 is followed by Nc6, I prefer d4 to e4 because d4 kind of makes the blockade of black's c pawn look foolish

  8. 5:48 black should really step up his chess

  9. Thanks for this helpful introduction. You mentioned you might follow up with a video on KIA. Would love to see that!

  10. Thumbs up if you're watching this too because you want to beat your computer!

  11. I think Nb3 is the best move there actually. Moving e5 would allow black to simply defend the pawn with b5. After that black is a pawn ahead and in a better position.

  12. At 2:45 black can easily go into the French Defense Winawer Variation and pin the knight against the king. Don't say that the Reti opening has no weaknesses.

  13. could you make a video on the hedgehog and stonewall variation of the dutch?

  14. playing e3 is the main line and you get the pawn back anyway if you watch the video on the queens gambit you would know that the point in playing the queens gambit is to try and gain an advantage while black wastes his time trying to defend or use the pawn

  15. yes but black could just play d5 on thier first move

  16. no. its impossible. anytime white plays nf3, black should immediately resign.

  17. i love ur videos. they help me a ton. they are also very interesting to watch. plz make more.

  18. As i almost always play the english opening, i might consider this to sort of camouflage my true intentions. Thanks, it was a really helpful advice!

  19. Excellent! I have a game today and I'm opening this berry

  20. Hey Kevin,
    wanna make a video on how to play a Dutch/Stonewall against the Reti, like 1.Nf3 f5, followed by stuff like e6 d5 c6 Bd6?

  21. Can you do the St.George defense? I got killed by one and I would like to know how to counter it.

  22. I'm very uncomfortable with referring to 1. Nf3 as the Reti Opening.  The Reti is a specific opening system based on 1. Nf3 d5  2. c4 …  You refer to this as transposing into the English.  NO!  This is not the English.  Black's reply to 2. c4 will determine what setup of the Reti develop.

    I subscribed to your channel.  I am now unscribing.  Clearly you don't know your opening theory.

  23. So.. if my first move is Nf3, and my opponent's is E5. Is it advisable to take the pawn? Or should I keep developing my pieces?

  24. Reti opening: 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 Nf6 3.Bg2 g6 4.c4 . This is first noted use. Reti vs Rubinstein Karlovy Vary 1923.
    Second use is 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 c5 4.Bg2 Nc6 . Reti vs Treybal  Karlovy Vary 1923.

  25. Ml mmmlmmn tree nvml mm mm BBB jk NJ Jo NJ BBB
    Jujube v

  26. Thanks for the video. One thing I was hoping to see was some different options if your opponent responds to the reti opening with pawn to e6.

  27. Hey, Kevin im a club level player and i like more tactical lines. What opening is the best for me?

  28. cool intro instrumental – their will be a day by – .. hmm forgotten he's name

  29. I read that reti is actually similar to kings Indian defence. nc3, b3, bb2

  30. Haven't watched the video yet, but the badly edited opening music and the difference in volume is hilarious. +1 upvote

  31. 3:11 That's the Italian game, not the Giouco piano…

  32. Can anyone give a brief on
    Caro kann hillybilly

  33. At 4:30, d4 seems uncomfortable to deal with, Nd5 doesn't even work

  34. this is retiring opening…. you know this…… enjoy

  35. Someone used this opening vs me but they got owned because I played the Black lion opening with black pieces, and I beat him by double queen, and the opponent only took 4 pawns and a bishop, I only took 1 pawn and a rook

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