Chess Openings- Reti Opening

The Reti Opening is a very flexible chess opening that can transpire into other common openings for white. Instead of controlling the center with pawns, white looks to use his minor pieces to put pressure on the center.

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  1. Clicks on Chess videoMichael Myers song starts playing AHHHH WTF

  2. It also serves as the anti early queen attack shenanigans from Black when you're at the 1200 rating

  3. I really like this opening because it can lead into the Tennison Gambit, or the Scotch game, or a Ponziani or an Italian, and a long etc

  4. After black takes the C pawn i just go for Nc3, developing the knight, controlling the center and preventing black to protect his pawn in C4 with B5. i think the AI does the same thing

  5. How do you study openings. I honestly don’t know where to start.

  6. You're exactly correct and I apologize for my mistake. I made a notation in the video. I'm so used to playing the English oustide of the Reti that I didn't realize the situation.

    Thanks for noticing cause you are definitely right.

  7. Buen video loco, yo no sabia esta apertura

  8. IF black takes @ 3:50 , shouldnt white play Qa4 !?

  9. up to you. You are going to get the pawn back. I personally don't like bringing my queen out early if I don't have to.

  10. Why would you move your pawn to e3 after dxc4? Wouldn't a better move be e4 because you control more space in the center and that your dark-squared bishop has more room to move?

  11. what time in the video are you referring to?

  12. It will give another defender to your d4 pawn. Your dark squared bishop will probably come to either b2 or a3 as things are getting "open" on the queen side.

  13. no you'd still be in good shape. There isn't a weakness in the opening. As anything though, as the game progresses there will be weakness depending on the play of both sides.

  14. at 3:48 if black were to take, wouldn't it be better to take your queen to a4 checking king, then bishop blocks at d7 then queen takes pawn at c4?

  15. I personally don't like to being out my queen to early if I don't have to. In this case I think they both are fine so I tend to favor not bringing queen.

  16. but if you do what i mentioned, you gain a lot of center control early on making it easier to variate into the english or the kings indian, without having to worry too much about your center pawns

  17. I have a question is there a way to defend against the Reti opening….Possible?

  18. yes there is a way, if you are unfamiliar with defending any opening I would recommend looking over the "opening principle" video

  19. I have a question. Like say if black plays b5 after cx4, can the pawn be gained back?

  20. I'm an intermediate player looking to improve my game, so I've been studying openings as much as I can lately. Thank you so much for your helpful video, it really means a lot to me.

  21. Its annoying that you say all the time aaa. X(

  22. if you're black, just play the sicilian, any variation and you should be ok

  23. I was always real good at chess. Actually I rarely lost againt anybody. But I am not good at speed chess. I have to sit and think about it. I never developed any kind of strategy. I just wing it everytime I play. But I can see what moves would work and wouldn't work.

  24. The first variation shown is the true Reti Opening (1.Kf3 d5 2.c4). Most of the rest are actually variations on the Zukertort Opening, not Reti.

  25. 1. Nf3 by itself isn't the Reti,

    1. Nf3 d5 2. c4 is the reti. if 2… dxc4 then 3. e3 really goes against the spirit of the reti, since fianchettoing the king bishop would severely weaken the light squares around your king. 3. Na3 is main line with 3. Qa4 check following behind but seems to be inferior.

    Still trying to figure out the point of this video… 🙁

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