Chess openings – Ruy Lopez

Chess openings – Ruy Lopez
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  1. One of the best video on Ruy Lopez opening.

  2. I always recommend Mr Kellys' videos for my students of all levels. He is so good at his pedagogy! The videos are so well structured and designed, and his speech and diction are perfectly clear without thick distracting foreign accents! GREAT WORK!

  3. The most consistently clear explanations on the internet! How do we support your channel?

  4. Sir
    Continue making videos
    Ur video is much interesting and easy to understand than other gms opening

  5. Your captions are in the way of the chessboard, very annoying!

  6. Excellent and clear demonstration, thanks for sharing it.

  7. This channel deservers alot more subscribers. Really good work

  8. Are the captions automatically on in this video? I can't shut them off and they block my view of the board.

  9. Why doesn't black just capture the pawn on e4 after Nf6? And why can white simply castle instead of defending it?

  10. Love your videos Dereque! They're what got me into chess

  11. Great instructional video Dereque!

    Is that Downtown Chicago in your background? I recognize the popular corn cob apartments lol

  12. My best chess teacher. Unlike all others, u explain to the minutest detail. My chess game has improved in a few days. This is your calling.

  13. Hi Krishna…are you in downtown Seattle? That round tower behind you looks like the Westin hotel or maybe the Olivian apartments

  14. Hi Krishna, Upon further review I think you are filming this from the Olivian! I am a downtown Seattle real estate broker so I always notice the buildings. Great job with your chess videos! If you ever need assistance with downtown condos or real estate I would love to work with you.

  15. okay. it's simple: make sure the audio of your tutorial matches your intro and outro audio.

  16. So here is maybe a dumb question from a noob. What do you do when your opponent doesnt know any of the line, so they don't develop in any manner that makes sense? Does that defeat the advantage for both players?? Or do you continue to try to develop the opening as much as possible and look for tactics of opportunity?

  17. I’m here 8 years later because of Queens Gambit…wonderful video, very clear and informative

  18. Excellent video! For your next videos, please be careful and don't refer to the white and black player as "he." Much better to just refer to "white wants to" or "black wants to." I know you don't want to alienate viewers. Thank you for the great video!

  19. Love your videos … I have been taking knight to disrupt blacks pawn structure .. against a player who is just a bit stronger than me… and now I can see the error of my ways …. especially seeing from your videos he is playing book moves especially bishop E7

  20. This is the best presentation of teaching chess that I’ve seen. I’m sorry that it took a pandemic for me to find you I hope you post more

  21. Trouble is when you play 1e4, there is no telling what the other side would play, and one has to prep for a bunch of possible openings, e5, e6, c5 etc

  22. Thank you Dereque! You're the best brother!

  23. 2:40 was just wondering why black is not taking e4 with his Knight right away than I saw the terrible devastating line that the rook double attack e1 opens up afterwards…

  24. clear and quick dialogue. Very easy to understand you. Nice setting. You have another new student.

  25. the fitness gram pacer test is a multi stage aerob says:

    5:51 the inaudible word here is actually "Chigorin". The variations name is Chigorin variation

  26. Three months after watching this video, I now thank you for helping chalk up at least two more wins per 10 games played. The Spanish variation really works! Thank you very much.

  27. Hi dereque! tysm for this great tutorial, this has caused me tons of wins that i wouldn't have been able to get if i hadn't watched this video. New student 🙂

  28. You are not Indian But your Channel
    name is Indian name How ?

  29. Great, great video. You explained the basics of this opening very well. 👍👍👍

  30. I’m a complete beginner. Could someone explain why white should castle @ 2:44 ?

    Wouldn’t that allow the knight take the e4 pawn?

  31. Brilliant and beautifully well explained. This guy is my new favourite teacher.

  32. Muy lindo video! instructivo, bien explicado, simple, claro, sin muchas vueltas y a velocidad tranquila.

  33. Best chess teaching channel for sure great explanation

  34. Probably dumb question but at around 2:40, why didn't the black knight take the white pawn (e4)?

  35. I have a question, at 4:00 after D6, why is C3 played, and not H3 immediately? The bishop pin on G4 murders me!

  36. i viewed enough games of chess theories explanation and in actual games, the clock or timer Sir differentiate the elo rating

  37. I enjoy your excellent communication skills. You make it all so clear.

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