Chess openings – Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game

Chess openings – Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game
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  1. that was really clear and well done, thank you!

  2. why is it “Italian gambit” in the thumbnail?

  3. Excellent vid, so many explanations of Spanish simply fail to explain why 3. Bb5 has hope to preserve the initiative for longer than in the "Let's just bust him!" 3. Bb4 games

  4. I have trıed before the Lopez openıng wıth computer and wasnt warkıng.Now I see why!Good teaching!But I dont find the app on my android…

  5. Seriously good analysis for serious people to enjoy! Thank you.

  6. What I really appreciate about your videos is that you explain very clear the ideas behind the openings.

  7. i don’t take chess advice from a BLACK person. i’m outta here

  8. I used to be a fan of the Italian game and wondered why my opponents always had a slight edge. Now I can see why. Spanish it is!

  9. Has the Italian game come back into fashion more now? If so, why?

  10. Thanks! This was a question in my mind and you answered.

  11. One thing you don't explain is why weaker players prefer the Italian game over the Ruy Lopez?

  12. What is wrong with this line for white?
    1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 b5 5. Bb3… 6. a3..

    And what is the disadvantage of the sustained pressure on whites light squared bishop by black?

  13. Your video is very much informative for beginners like me one tecnical suggestion is the text with black baground hides all the chess mens in white side text can be put out of board area. Thank you very much.

  14. Very good, simple and direct to the point 👏

  15. I have seen a lot of content and, hands down, these are the best opening videos I have ever seen. So clear, such a great way of understanding the key concepts. Outstanding.

  16. Thank you…it was very helpful….i should considering Ruy Lopez now

  17. Love your videos! Great enthusiasm and on point. Sometimes when I recommend them to someone I hear something like "But they are almost 10 years old, game theory must have evolved immensely since this so Id rather watch newer videos", then I play those people and their style dates back centuries.

  18. Man I enjoyed this analysis. Thank you for the superb lesson.

  19. Seems like italian game has become more played option in 8 years! Atleast they are much closer to each other aren't they?

  20. This is an amazing Video thanks Dereque. Now I know the technical difference between the two openning

  21. I wish it has a little bit better audio, but thanks anyway. 5 star rating!

  22. Excellent video that explains every question in my mind about these openings! I feel like I'm asking and you are answering at the moment 🙂
    I have only one question left now; If black takes our pawn on e4 in Ruy Lopez, how to punish him/her? Do you have a video explaining that detail?
    Thank you again for excellent videos!

  23. The best chess teacher I’ve found so far. Thank you

  24. im so glad i stumbled on to your youtube this is outstanding knowledge and breakdown

  25. You are the best instructor of chess. Thank you!

  26. So if Be7 stuff against the Italian is just a tempo up on the ruy, why does black almost always play Bc5 instead?

  27. I'm learning a lot from your videos, thanks. Also, your chess set is really beautiful.

  28. At my level, which is basically the bottom level, the Ruy Lopez just seems like a waste of time. My bishop usually gets beaten back twice by two pawns not just the first pawn attack. Seems like I'm breaking the cardinal rule of not moving the same piece a few times.

  29. Please avoid black background for the subtitles
    Choosing transperent one would be perfect! 😊

  30. i play a lot of these online 3 minute games and for w hite i prefer the italian game because the attack is more direct and the game more exciting, i feel, but for longer games the ruy lopez is preferred if somewhat boring

  31. Excellent comparison between two openings. Hope to see more comparison among openings in future. Great job!!

  32. Excellent video!
    1 suggestion, using a lav mic will eliminate the echo.

  33. Fantastic! A concise, to the point explanation why the Spanish is slightly better than the Italian.

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