Chess Openings: Ruy Lopez

The Ruy Lopez is one of the most popular openings in chess. Today we look at some of the common themes you might see when playing the Ruy Lopez.

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  1. coming to this as capablanca always use this variation

  2. At 9:00 white can move knight to G5 and regardless of black go F7 next turn and take the queen by fork or with the bishop from B3

  3. At 7:12. Can you launch the fried liver attack from this position?

  4. This opening can turn into the Looli attack as well. Plus other variations. Some of the others I need to watch 10 more times. Thanks.

  5. Towards the end of the video you discussed a few variation trading the knights on the E file and delivering check. Why not just make the moves so we can see what you're talking about?

  6. but why are the king and queen the wrong way round????

  7. they say with pawns always capture towards the center. Shouldnt Black be responding with Pawn C7 takes bishop and not Pawn D7? …. or does it really matter

  8. I'm so sad thechesswebsite dropped so soon. Please come back soon Kevin! We will donate

  9. who else played the italian opening and thought it was called this since it's SO similar?

  10. always take. it opens up so many attacks

  11. why is b7xBc6 bad at 2:53? The engine says it's bad too, just not sure why.

  12. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Music too loud

  13. hard to listen to him keep saying roy lopez

  14. This is the shittiest video I've ever seen.

  15. Damn!! This video is 12 years old ? N here I thought it was at most 5 years ago. Bruuuuh. Ruy Lopez must be an old opening.

  16. i just wanted to capture the pawn on e5 so i play Bb5 to remove the knights defense

  17. Grandmasters still use this opening in many tournaments (Magnus plays it alot) and the voice over makes it sound like it's a blah opening with nothing special you haven't seen before. Lol OK

  18. In the exchange variation (3:00), Black's e5 pawn is left hanging. Why doesn't White just take it?

  19. Calling it a 'pin' before black has moved his d pawn is idiotic

  20. Sweet video. Wha tis your intro tune? Love it

  21. this is one of the most legendary openings in my opinion. i got 200 free elo in a span of a month from this opening.

  22. Please choose a better orator for your videos.

  23. The guy the whole time: ummm yeah because the uhhhhh pin in the knight and ehhhh

  24. Why do you say that the knight is pinned when there is a pawn between knight and king?

  25. What if instead of dc at 2:56 you take bishop as bc with d5 in the future? For me this does not look too bad. As an icing on the cake you have active play on the queens side.

  26. I have trouble understanding what advantages the spanish bishop has as opposed to the italian bishop. Whenever I play against the Ruy lopez I always go for Morphy's defense and if you don't play the exchange variation a6 and b5 allow black free development just for the spanish bishop to move to the same file that the italian bishop starts out on while seemingly just conceding free development. Not only did black gain free queenside expansion but he can easily develop his light squared bishop to b7 if he doesn't want to develop on the c8-h3 diagonal. Can someone help me understand what advantages this gives white as opposed to the italian game except the small fact that the spanish bishop on b3 is defended as opposed to the italian bishop on c4.

  27. Great video, weird you keep referring to the player as a he though.

  28. Man I used to watch this when it was first posted Kev!👑 Thank you for your vids!

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