Chess Openings: Ruy Lopez

The Ruy Lopez is one of the most popular openings in chess. Today we look at some of the common themes you might see when playing the Ruy Lopez.

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  1. You went over it way to much I hate this

  2. 8:15 It really sounded like you were going to give some information about what impact the opening has on the game, but instead you talked for about a full minute without actually saying anything

  3. What would you do if when you move your bishop to B5 black brings his king side bishop to C5?

  4. What if black responds with pawn to d5 instead of knight to b6?

  5. Roy Lopez sounds like a white dude who likes to hunt and fish and also speaks Spanish. Before you correct me on the name of the actual opening, listen to the video.

  6. Not a fan of the Ruy Lopez. White wastes too many initial moves withdrawing the bishop when he can be setting up the middle of the board better.

  7. Why doesn’t black play knight e7 to counter the ruy lopez? You can answer the white bishop and not lose pawn structure

  8. I dont understand,that's nonsense.How do you know opponent react?
    All of your moves are developed on estimation that's crazy.

  9. what if the black a pawn threatens the bishop on b3 by moving to a4? I think you left a little hole there…. can you clarify it?

  10. I had this played against me several times. So this is what’s it’s called.

  11. I thought the into music was that famous scary movie theme

  12. Kevin, ignore the bad comments. I knew you used two hours and more to make a video. It’s 11 years ago.

  13. As a chess player u should at least know that a bishop doesn't have an outpost….. ony a knoight has an outpost

  14. Those 400 dislikes were just people who were those weaker opponents 😂

  15. How do you counter a5, a4 ideas again? I didn't follow how pa3 helps.

  16. “I love playing the Ruy Lopez when….versing opponents”

    -Kevin from the chess website

  17. By the end isn't white forced to play h6 to prevent Ng5 causing a fork on f7?

  18. Before I even started to study chess this was my first 3 moves

  19. Just started getting into chess thanks for keeping this concise and including counters

  20. I dunno what the comments are about, maybe the volume was fixed? I wear headphones and there's no problem between the intro music and the commentary

  21. What about knight takes e5, black's also just loosing a pawn right?

  22. I always get sleepy when listening to Kevin. So slow progress.

  23. All these time, I was a Spanish player☺️☺️

  24. Why would black move bishop to e7 instead of moving it to c6? isn't that a much stronger position that pins the f2 pawn?

  25. 6:37 I'm very confused about this move. I mean, if black advances their a-file pawn then white still can't do anything from the a2 position to stop it from pressuring the bishop. The a-4 position seems to be a much better place to promote the pawn, because if black captures your pawn from this position, you can then capture that pawn with the bishop, which will once again pin the c6 knight as the Ruy Lopez originally intends. Does anyone know what the deal is with this maneuver?

  26. Thank God a commentator without an accent who can be understood finally! Why are foreign born men with heavy accents doing all the chess tutorials?

  27. I was sure Ruy Lopez is Kb3 before moving the Bishop, lol.

  28. what if you take the knight with the bishop in the beginning?

  29. Played this for the first time and got a win in thirteen moves

  30. Eleven years bro… Eleven fucking years. Oh dear time..

  31. Wait, at 7:51 how do we put the king in check from there? White’s pawn and black’s knight is in the way.

  32. way too much blahblah, could be 3 minutes shorter

  33. I don’t get the ruy lopez. It feels like a lot of sacrifice in terms of development for white to place the bishop on b3 if you dont go for the knight capture.

  34. Would this opening work against English opening?

  35. im being careful now about ruy lopez because my oponent play it first than fried liver attack.

  36. So I played this game in I am a 900 rated. i was black After Bishop b5, I played pawn D2 to D5. The rest you can imagine I suppose.
    After winning the game this is what I got from the site: Ruy-Lopez-Opening-Spanish-Countergambit. And that is why I ended up watching your video. tho I saw the opening part but the counter. You did not mention. but i guess it begins with d2 to d5. that cuasi forces a move that I hope happed and di happen.

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