Chess Openings: Ruy Lopez

The Ruy Lopez is one of the most popular openings in chess. Today we look at some of the common themes you might see when playing the Ruy Lopez.

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  1. so what do you do afterwards??? Learning chess is so hard

  2. I thought it was bad to move a piece twice before move ten?

  3. He keeps saying "Roy" Lopez but it's actually "Ruy" Lopez.

  4. dont see the point of pinning the knight if your not gonna capture, the pinned is broken anyway, besides black gets a nice spot for his white bishop.. why not just play bishop c4 right away?

  5. wat about kg5 instead of castling we can go ahead on f7 to fark queen and rook and there is no good way to defend it for black.pawn in the way of light whte bishop would be taken and the only way to defend it pretty well is to moove rook when kg5 is maid and avoid any castling. it's always good for white i think so why castling at this moment for WHITE?

  6. What should you do if black protects the e5 pawn and then moves knight a5 to take the light-squared bishop? Should you move a3 as soon as black protects the e5 pawn? Or just let him spend moves to make the trade?

  7. How is it a pin if the there is no major piece behind the knight?

  8. R.I.P. Headphone users in the intro. Then rising the Volume up again in the rest of the video.

  9. This is the best opening for a beginner to learn. It's easy to remember and it gets you castled early. It's also not susceptible to cheap tactics by black. It's an opening that will allow you to "play chess" in the middle game and try to win via tactics. I went to 1.d4 for a while but fell victim to too many good defenses. Now I'm back to 1.e4 and play the Ruy Lopez. Viva Ruy Lopez!

  10. hey which app do u use to make these videos??plz tell

  11. how to avoid bishop takes knight (double pawn)????? thechesswebsite

  12. Wait why not go white c4 after black goes a6 for the white Bb5?? From then on, c4 pawn threatens the a6 pawn if it were to take Bb5, to which c4 pawn can take the pawn that took Bb5 and then threaten to take Nc6?? After that it would be improvisation.

  13. i luv u men ur de best ches ytber in the hole darn wurld

  14. Hi at 6:38 I don't understand how moving the pawn up to a3 would be any help at all because its not providing any cover for the bishop and seems to me like a waste of a move.

  15. The only way to play it is the Exchange Variation or you're doomed to lose a tempo

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